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When it comes to backing up information, it is essential to settle on an IT service provider that understands one’s business needs. Many businesses are differently oriented, making them unique in their cloud backup needs. Abacus Solutions is renowned for its AS400 backup solution to most companies across the globe. This is a well-thought-out cloud service that offers data storage, among other needs. You can learn about the best way to backup all your data and information to keep it safe, on this website:

Most businesses are moving away from the old-fashioned tape-based backup in this era. Instead, they are fast-settling on secure and advanced local-on-premise disk-to-disk backup services. The AS400 backup is revolutionary since data can be backed up in multiple copies and to multiple locations, as well as maintaining all your encryption needs. 

Get to Understand What Abacus Backup Management is

The Abacus Backup Management utilizes the top-notch cloud-based solution and tailors them to an on-site client solution. This starts with the provision of the AS400 production environment, followed by setting up the secondary Target environment location. A connection between the two is then established for backup replication. 

Who is the AS400 Backup Designed For?

Thanks to its adaptability and ease of integration, the AS400 backup is designed for many businesses. Below are some solid guiding statements that show the kind of people who need the service. 

The AS400 backup is designed for those people or businesses who need to keep their environments on-premise. 

It is also designed for businesses that have realized the inefficiencies and downsides of old-fashioned tape backups. For example, the old-fashioned tape backups cannot handle extensive data, and their encryption is compromised compared to the AS400 cloud backup.

In addition to the above, the AS400 is also meant for businesses that require an enterprise backup solution capable of scale and include disaster recovery. Many companies lose vital data from unwarranted disasters such as malware attacks. Therefore, involving the AS400 backup solution is crucial in any business to avoid such occurrences.

Encryption is one of the critical factors for the backup of company data. Companies have a lot of data, most of which is secretive to the success of the businesses. Therefore, it is essential to have a cloud backup system that is well encrypted. The As400 backup has top-notch encryption that can handle all types of data from different clients.

The AS400 cloud backup was also generated for the companies or clients who are tired of paying for off-site tape storage. The AS400 is more advanced than the offsite tape storage, making it more preferred globally.

Finally, the AS400 backup solution is meant for clients that require an Enterprise backup solution. This solution has many premium features that actively compete with all other cloud backup systems. 

In conclusion, as a serious person in business or handling sensitive and large data, it is critical to find a cloud storage provider that will handle all your needs. The Abacus Backup Management is one step ahead of the rest as it is specifically tailored to meet most, if not all, cloud storage needs. 

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