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UAB Kilo Grupe has seen roaring success since their inception back in 2013, and as a successful company, they are dedicated to helping others climb the ladder too. The company offers two different programs, the Co-Found Program and the Venture Program, to help new businesses, budding entrepreneurs, and startups find their feet in the digital health and wellness industry.

Below, we’ve taken a look at the two different programs and assessed how exactly they help startups to establish themselves in the global market.

What Is The Kilo Grupe Co-Found Program?

The Co-Found program offered by Kilo Grupe is aimed at newcomers who have an idea for the digital health and wellness market but need the backing to get their product out there. For entrepreneurs, Kilo Grupe offers the chance to work with them to launch your product, brand, or idea into the market space.

How is it helping startups?

Launching products can be tough for newcomers, but the Co-Found program supports them throughout the entire process. Kilo Grupe gives each of its co-founders help from marketing and HR to IT and business know-how to the most important aspect of all, money.

Kilo Grupe has the knowledge and infrastructure already in place to help newcomers make a name for themselves in the digital health and wellness space, and they are actively looking for passionate individuals who want to build something new to join them.

And for those who don’t have a solid idea, but know they want to innovate in this industry, Kilo Grupe also offers a chance to work on projects and products that they have in the works already.

What Is The Kilo Grupe Ventures Program?

The Ventures program offered by Kilo Grupe is a little different from the Co-Found option. Where the Co-Found program is best suited to people at the very beginning of their journey, the Ventures program can support startups who already have a product but now need support scaling and growing it.

How is it helping startups?

Startups in the digital health and wellness sector may face stiff competition from bigger names and more well-known brands because these larger companies have more resources. This is where Kilo Grupe can help.

The Ventures program offers financial sponsorship, in-house research and marketing, and innovative support to new startups who already have their product ready but need that helping hand to get it to market.

As Kilo Grupe has already had a huge amount of success in developing digital wellness products and pushing them to market, those who take part in the Venture program are in safe and experienced hands.

Kilo Grupe’s Ventures program is suitable for startups who are looking to enter new markets or operate in new regions, need support with scaling, or want to ensure the growth of their product.

Final Thoughts

As a wildly successful company already, the support and sponsorship that UAB Kilo Grupe offers to new startups is impressive. They offer access to their established infrastructure and mentor budding entrepreneurs to help them succeed in the same way that Kilo Grupe has.

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