Got a Small Business? Automate your Communication and Business Processes and see how Fast it Grows.

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Turning a small business into a successful one can be very hard due to so many competitors out there. If you are still using manual processes both in customer communication and invoicing, you’ll be running behind your competitors, always trying to catch up with them, usually unsuccessfully. You can learn about the importance of communication between employees of an organization for better results, on this website:


Automate your customer response system

You know it – your customers questions are coming from left and right. Phones are ringing, the mailbox is full, there is a 20 people cue in your online chat and your ticketing system cannot keep up. Why? You are doing everything manually. Relying on real people to answer all these queries manually makes you slow, unresponsive and costs you a lot of money.

Why not automate answers to the most frequently repeating questions such as Can I get a discount? What are the warranty terms? How is your product different from the competitor XY? … The solution is pretty straightforward. You can use an online chatbot builder such as Botsurfer to develop your own Facebook chatbot. You’ll define the questions, answers and conversation scenarios and will let the bot do the hard work. It’s not as hard as you would think!

Automated invoicing system is necessary

Believe it or not, the invoice-making system has changed the way businesses work and in a good way. The amount of money you save is unbelievable. You can invest the saved money back in your business to make it successful.

This is only one advantage of the invoice making system, there are many more that we’ll talk about later in this article. You should use an online invoicing platform as it has many things included in it such as quote generator, estimate generator and, etc which can make your business very efficient and productive. You should have no excuses to not get online invoicing because it makes things so easy compared to manual invoicing.

The disadvantages of manual invoicing

Manual invoicing can take ages to complete as it’s done by one person which is your accountant. It takes around a week to finish all the invoices which can make your clients upset as they’ll be getting their invoices very late.

Manual invoicing also costs a lot as you’ll have to get papers, ink and, etc, and even pay for postage which can total up to around 20k a month. With mobile invoicing, you’ll be able to save time and money at the same time. Your employees won’t have to sit for hours to make an invoice.

Benefits of online invoicing

With an online invoicing making system, you’ll get your invoice in just a few seconds and you won’t even have to pay for all materials required for manual invoicing meaning you’ll be saving around 20k a month that you can use to grow your business even more and eventually turn it into a large business.

Small businesses can not survive without online invoicing as they can’t afford to waste time and money and by using online invoicing, you’re saving both time and money. Your employees can invest their time into something more productive, increasing the business’s efficiency. However, online invoicing might cost you a lot but it’ll only be a one-time cost and you’ll be getting a lot of benefits out of it. Thus, your business will start to grow more than ever.

Here are some basic benefits of online invoicing:

Quick payments

Your clients won’t even get a chance of delaying the payments as they’ll instantly get their invoice. The invoice-making app will also have a payment option in it so they can directly pay you from the app without having to come to you to pay.


For entrepreneurs, this will be a very helpful thing as they’ll be able to keep track of everything through the app. So there’s no chance of your workers trying to scam you. Everything will be recorded in the app and only you’ll have the access to check it. However, you can give access to other people but I’d suggest only giving it to the people you trust the most.

Learn more about the best ways to automate the communication system within an organization, on this website:

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