Get The Versatile Lanmodo Car Tent To Keep Your Vehicle Protected


Handling manual car covers often turn out to be a hassle, considering the bulky nature of the covers and long installation time. Well, get a Lanmodo car tent to keep your car protected from snow, hail, bird droppings and all types of falling objects. You will find it amazingly easy to install the tent with the one-touch wireless remote. The installation process gets over within 30 seconds, and the car tent goes well with all sorts of models, including sedan, jeep, SUV, 4-wheeled beach motor and so on.

You will find the car umbrella useful, as it has got a folding structure. The portable tent can be used wherever you park the vehicle. Well, the car tent is designed with a double anti-theft mechanism. As it is a remote-controlled cover, it cannot manually be folded and carried away. Besides, the tent has an anti-theft rope, along with steel wires to attach it firmly to its position.

Have a look at the various advantages of the Lanmodo car tent for your vehicle.

  • When you park the car for long, the exposure to the sun makes the interiors hot. The car tent covers the entire car, protecting it from the heat. You will enjoy the cool interiors when you get into the car. In hot weather conditions, the car tent can keep down the temperatures of the interiors to 36 degrees.
  • The car tent ensures that the vehicle remains protected from all sorts of falling objects. You would not like the body of the car to be messed up with leaves, bird droppings, dust and other elements when you park it. The car tent can also keep the car protected from acid rain.
  • The car umbrella serves multiple purposes, as you can easily transform it to a beach umbrella, when you go for an outing. You can also use it as a camping tent, accommodating four people comfortably. In case you go fishing, you can enjoy the shade of the car tent on the beach. Besides, LED lights plugged into the can deliver a more customized solution for a camping tent.

  • The car tent is easy to set up and pack up. Carry it everywhere with your vehicle, whether you are in the city, or opt to go for a trip. The tents come in various colour and design options. You need to choose the one that suits your taste.
  • The car tent comes with a charging mechanism, and you can use the USP port to charge your device. The additional clamping stand in the tent makes it convenient to be used as a yard umbrella and beach umbrella. It has got a sturdy structure and can stand wind, with speeds up to 29 MPH.

The car tent comes in a single size, that can fit all types of vehicles.It has a soft suction cup, which prevents the body of the car to get scratches. You can buy the product online and keep your car protected. You have a wide range of colour and design options to choose from.

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