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Furniture – a perfect place for DIY enthusiasts

Furniture – a perfect place for DIY enthusiasts 1

Creating simple furniture yourself is becoming more and more popular all over the world. There is no shortage of enthusiasts of this type of DIY projects. But what is the guarantee of success? First of all, high quality furniture components, and these are provided by Furnica. Get to know this company and equip yourself with the best furniture accessories now!

Furniture – the best furniture accessories in the whole UK?

Furnica, as you can easily guess from the name, is a company that professionally deals with furniture, and actually with parts for it. Even if you don’t know it, you are surely already using some furniture components sold by Furnica. A very large activity of the company is B2B sales – providing proven furniture components to furniture producing companies and other wholesalers. In a general way: practically the entire furniture industry in the world uses such solutions.

Furnica was established in Great Britain as a family business. The founders wondered what to turn into their passion for furniture. Ultimately, the wholesale of furniture accessories turned out to be a fruitful field. The Furnica offer includes several thousand individual products. Currently, the company has offices not only in London, but also throughout Europe, and even in the United States.

Furniture – from furniture hinges and drawer runners to has struts and lighting systems

In Furnica you will find everything you need, or rather be more precise: everything your furniture needs. So we can choose from dozens of varieties of various types of furniture hinges, available in various colors, made of various materials, with or without a soft-close system, with different opening angles, etc. We can delve into the most diverse systems for kitchen cabinet units and choose from the maze of lift systems, gas struts, kitchen cabinets handles and knobs, and many other furniture accessories. The most important thing, however, is that we can choose virtually all components and accessories that are needed to create a given piece of furniture. What does this mean in practice?

A lot of low price furniture accessories available for DIY enthusiasts

Furnica furniture accessories are available to everyone. B2B and B2C business models are not clearly separated. When buying retail quantities of products, we can also count on attractive, wholesale prices. Enthusiasts of Do It Yourself (DIY) furniture projects will be in heaven because they can buy so much for really little.

Apart from specific materials and materials, e.g. exotic wooden boards or fabrics, if you are looking for your furniture store to stock up on furniture accessories, Furnica is perfect! Complete your own set of furniture accessories and fittings that will be useful for carpentry and mechanical work. Buy a lot of furniture elements for almost nothing, such as furniture handles, furniture guides, storage systems, hinges, pneumatic hinges, openers, caps & dowels, lighting systems and much more! With the Furnica online store your furniture DIY possibilities become almost unlimited!


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