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Four Ways to Beautify Your Australian Home Using Canvas Prints

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With an expanse of close to 7.7 million square kilometres, Australia is not only the biggest country in the Oceanian region but the sixth-largest in the world as well. It lies isolated from Asia and bounded by the Pacific and Indian oceans, thereby earning its moniker as an “island continent.”

Australia boasts of a high-income economy, varied landscapes, cultural diversity, and quality of life.

This island continent offers tons of sunlight, beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, employment opportunities, and a family-friendly environment. As such, it is obvious that the Land Down Under is a top destination for migrants across the globe.

If you are one among the thousands of people who recently moved to this glorious country to raise a family, you may be looking for ways to beautify your new home. Instead of buying expensive decorative elements, you may want to find a company that offers affordable canvas prints in Australia.

Canvas prints are affordable and, with the right touch, can give your residence an elegant and artsy look. Remember that the design of your home affects more than just the aesthetic value of your property but your mental health as well. Skip the traditional wall hanging and consider the following design ideas to optimize canvas prints:

Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can help you do wonders in uplifting any room in your house. They are easy to install and do not take much space. Use floating shelves to display your canvas prints.

You can use complementing designs in a row or add decorative items like scented candles or vases to make your wall pop. The best thing about mounting your canvas prints this way is you can easily change your display whenever you want. You can even change the frames after some time to create a different look.

Make a Statement Piece Using a Unique Frame

If you have a large canvas art print that you love, you can put it in a unique frame and hang it in the middle of the room to transform it into a statement piece. Search for vintage frames in your local thrift shop, or you can make your own if you love creative endeavours. Make sure that the frame you will use complements the overall theme of the room and highlights the canvas print.

Create a Grid Collage

If you are not a fan of huge art pieces, you could play with small canvas prints by creating a grid collage. Tell a story using the prints, or you can pick your favourites. Pick a geometric pattern and fill it with small canvas prints.

You can place each one without any spaces in between like a mural. You can also observe equal spacing for a sleeker appeal. Either way, this design idea can serve as a good conversation piece when you have guests given that there are numerous images to see.

Combine Different Canvas Prints

Make a plain wall shine by creating a faux art gallery using canvas prints. Place numerous canvas prints of different sizes and shapes beside each other in a large section of the wall. Use different materials for the frames for an eclectic effect.

There are plenty of affordable canvas prints in Australia, which makes this type of decorative piece useful in upgrading the interior look of your new home. You may consider the design strategies discussed above or take inspiration from them. Ultimately, how you use these art pieces to make your home a lovely place for your family is up to you.

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