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Fleet Maintenance

Do you own a car Business? Are you facing some problem with fleet management? Have you ever thought of trying a Fleet Maintenance Software?

In the present times, every business, be it a small or a large organization; employ a number of vehicles to maintain their business. In a way, vehicles may be seen as the lifeline of any business. They are used for multiple purposes. They are used to help employers travel to and fro from the organization. They are also used to bring in raw materials and also to deploy finished products.

If your organization is involved in catering to some kind of services, a vehicle fleet becomes very important. If you have noticed, be it your food delivery men or even those who come for pest control or to hand out parcels, they come in the company’s vehicle. There are a number of benefits that the service provider can avail when they employ their own fleet of vehicles.

When you have your own fleet, it not only increases the overall appeal of the organization in front of the clients, but also saves you a lot of money and improves the efficiency of your service. When you employ your own vehicles, it is likely that your service provider can easily reach out to your clients on time. This also has its impact on developing a loyal customer base, in favour of the organisation.

Is maintaining a fleet proving to be tough for you?

Various kinds of study indicate that the number of vehicle fleets employed by organisations have multiplied over the years. However, the problem faced by a large number of companies is that though they may have employed their own fleet they are unable to reach the desired amount of efficiency. In many cases, it is also seen that companies and fleet owners are incurring heavy losses in place of profits. A pertinent question that arises here is why it happens so.

The answer lies in improper fleet management. Vehicle fleets can only improve the business and contribute to the profit if only they themselves are properly managed. In absence of proper management, fleets themselves may turn into a financial drain for the company.

Common problems of Fleet Management

There are a number of common problems that may be observed across industries when it comes to fleet management. Some of the most recurring of them have been enlisted below:

  • Fuel Inefficiency: Foremost among the problems seen with fleet management is that there is inefficiency in spending fuel. It must be remembered that if your fleet is one of the most important assets of the company, fuel is amongst one of the most expensive and capital intensive resource that the organisation spends on to keep them going. Even a slight increase in the overall fuel consumption can have a rippling effect on the balance sheet of the company. If this fuel inefficiency is not plugged in due time it may even lead to very heavy financial losses. What becomes important here is to identify and single out the cause of this fuel inefficiency which can be very difficult unless there is proper fleet management.
  • Improper maintenance: It has been seen in case of certain organisations that though they may possess a large number of vehicles, all of them cannot be put to use. This is because of mechanical problems of the vehicle that have been neglected for a long time. Just as all other things, vehicles demand proper maintenance from time to time. This of course depends upon how much the vehicle has been used or for what purpose. Heavy duty vehicles suffer greater damages and require more service than the other vehicles. If the vehicle does not get the required maintenance in time, chances are that there will be a sudden break down or the damage will increase to a point where it will require a large sum of money or may even be beyond repair. Such fleets are rather detrimental to the efficiency of the organisation as you can barely depend on them for time-bound services.
  • Absence of timely replacement: Another problem that is related to the problem of maintenance is that there is a lack of timely replacements of old vehicles. Beyond a certain age, vehicles turn into liabilities rather than being assets. It is important to change the vehicle before it reaches that point. Otherwise you may just go on uselessly pumping money in its repair and maintenance. Further it is these old vehicles that further aggravate the problem of fuel inefficiency as they are likely to consume more fuel than required.

Fleet Managers

There are some companies that are aware of these problems. They employ a fleet manager to tackle these issues and solve any other issue that may be related to the fleet.

This technique works when the number of vehicles is less. But for large number of vehicles, it becomes impossible for anyone to singlehandedly manage all the problems.

At such times, fleet managers require a team of other workers to assist him in the work. But employing too many people just for fleet management may shoot up cost and defeat the very purpose for which the fleet or the fleet manager was procured in the first place.

Fleet Management Software:

At such times Fleet Maintenance Software provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions can become a handy tool for you or your fleet manager to keep every vehicle of the fleet under close scrutiny. The first point that the gives an upper hand to the fleet management software is that they are a onetime investment. What adds to the list of advantages is that the software helps to observe every little detail. Even a small change in the fuel consumption of any one vehicle is noted immediately by the software and you or your fleet manager will be immediately updated about it.

Further even the smallest requirement of the vehicle, be it just a simple change of break oil is noted by such software so that you remain up-to-date about the maintenance of the vehicle.

Get the software today and feel the change in efficiency!

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