Five Tips to Improve Your CGPA in This Pandemic

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The current situation is very unusual and daunting in terms of virtually every field of life. The educational area all around the globe has been struck by this pandemic massively. The educational institutes all around the world were not expecting such an outbreak, which took over the entire nations in just a matter of a few days and weeks. This Covid-19 pandemic made everything up in the air!

The pandemic comes with a warning, “keep a distance!”

We are acquainted with the nature of this virus and measures to avoid the spread. Besides handwashing, maintaining hygiene, and wearing a face mask, it is critical to maintaining a safe distance from everybody around. Now, for the fact, we all know that the world is public! It means that everything that is happening around involves group activities, whether education, health, business, trade, sports, industry, or telecommunication. Every domain has been affected drastically due to social distancing.

The negotiation of the Educational sector

The Educational sector throughout the world has been acutely disturbed by this pandemic. The combined study or group study model, mainly followed by all the institutes of the world, gets destroyed and succumb to the epidemic. Therefore, new educational reforms and policies needed to come into play to overcome the current crisis.

The new course of direction

The world is adopting the new trends of providing education to the masses. Since the schools, colleges and universities are closed until an unknown period. Therefore, to ensure the possibility and feasibility of learning, and online teaching methodology is a better option to conceive.

Almost all institutes offer online classes, which helps the students gain knowledge by staying at their homes. The teachers and students are connecting through online study programs and live online sessions.

The introduction of new programs

A variety of new online programs in the form of the online summer school are offered by leading institutions to fill the gap. They are flexible, readily available, affordable, and recognized. They allow you to access them whenever you want, so you should not worry about a missed class anymore!

Online group study pages are also in trend over the social media platform where students can interact with each other and share vital information. Regular online classes are being conducted during the same school or college hours to maintain the study’s discipline. The students attend these classes through different platforms from their computers and mobile phones.

The series of spur

According to research, more than 1.5 billion students in 186 countries worldwide have been affected during the epidemic. It is a very shocking state of the matter. Since the newly adapted way of learning doesn’t guarantee the success rate in the future, it gives birth to many challenges which the future generation may have to face. The newly introduced online system requires the availability of a computer, electronic, or a mobile device so it cannot promise the delivery of education to every person. However, the technology industry is striving day and night to develop the fastest and easily accessible platform.

The college/university students and their struggle

Universities have been immensely under a constant struggle to stabilize themselves. The educational leaders, the teachers, the staff members, and the students seem to be in this pressure to cope with the crisis. Lack of resources, the building stress of finances, and the uncertainty all are adding to the fuel. The college and university students are tenser because of the crashing of the annual calendar, and their future seems unpredictable in terms of jobs and success.

The Five tips to improve your CGPA

During this dilemma, there has to be a way to motivate and encourage the students to improve their grades while taking online education. Listed below are some of the useful suggestions:

Be Punctual

Just like you were in your college, being regular is essential for success and growth. Make sure to attend your classes daily, no matter what! Understandably, it takes a while to make a habit of something new, but don’t take too long.

Be Prepared

Yes, you heard it right! Be prepared for online education actively. Use the latest platforms to connect to your teachers as guided by them. Make sure your device never runs out of battery while your class is going on. Make notes while taking the course and have the learning material handy.


Never hesitate to ask questions! Interact with your teachers and colleagues if you have any queries. It is beneficial to engage in group discussions. Join different online groups on social media to gain more information about a subject. Make a large amount of research yourself on a topic, and this truly assists in boosting the knowledge and makes you stand out.

Be a learner

During this hard time where social distancing already has our physical and mental health, no doubt, it is challenging to stay sane and rational. But it is not impossible. As a student, it is your responsibility to maintain your health and be ready to face every challenge. Behave like a learner and adapt yourself to every change that life has to offer. Only then can you become a true hero and develop a drive to achieve great things in life. Always remain positive and optimistic.

Suggest a new grading system

In many countries, a new grading system is under consideration whereby the exams have opted, and assignment-based grading gets appraised. Such a grading system is genuinely in favor of the students during these uncertain times. The students can escape the exam anxiety and perform to their best under such a system. They should encourage their educational regulatory bodies to remodel their grading system and grant them only assignment-based scores.


The young students are in a labyrinth of worries and trauma. They can ease it by adapting themselves to the present world conditions. As quoted rightly, “Old ways don’t open new doors,” so we have to get ready for the very new things.

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