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Appraisal Services
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According to the Appraisal Institute, there is an estimate of 78,015 active appraisers across the United States in 2018. With this high of a number, finding the best one for your appraisal needs can be tough. That is why this article aims to guide in looking for the best appraisal services by giving you tips when finding a certified personal property appraiser.

Personal property appraisals are often required by insurance companies when identifying the coverage that should be given to the insured valuables. If you are planning to sell, donate or buy personal property, an appraisal will help you identify its true value. Examples of items that can be appraised are antiques, collections, pieces of jewellery, vehicles, etc. Only a certified appraiser can conduct an inspection for a personal property appraisal as they have spent years to study and build their expertise.

To help you find the best personal property appraiser for your needs, follow these tips:

  1. Ask around for personal property appraisers

Chances are you know someone who has already inquired for appraisal services during the past years. Ask them about their appraiser and if they could recommend it for you. Remember that first-hand information and feedback about the services that you seek are always the most reliable.

  1. Look for testimonials

Visit multiple appraisers’ websites. Usually, they have a page specifically for testimonials and feedbacks from their previous clients. Scroll through those and read about the clients’ experiences during the service. These will help you gauge if the appraiser is good enough to accomplish what you need.

  1. They should be certified by ISA

Appraisers should be certified by the International Society of Appraisers. ISA CAPP is the highest level of certification ISA can give to an appraiser. It means that they have finished all requirements and have passed the professional qualifications to become a personal property appraiser.

  1. Communicate with your potential appraiser

As always, communication is key when seeking for potential service providers. Book an appointment with your appraiser and make sure that you’ll be able to communicate everything — which includes the purpose of the appraisal and what you require during the process. Your appraiser must be able to effectively tell you what their process is like, what they need from you, and what assistance they could give you. This way, you can gauge the quality of service they can provide. You can ask multiple appraisers so you’ll have more options — making sure you’ll go with the best one among all of them.

  1. Identify the appraiser’s expertise

Another major factor that you should consider when deciding is the expertise of the appraiser. Although they are all trained to appraise all kinds of personal property, some just really have an edge when it comes to a particular item. For example, if you want your paintings appraised, you should go with an appraiser that has the most experience and expertise with fine arts.

  1. Consider your budget

Lastly, you have to consider your budget. Hiring an appraiser does not come cheap as it all depends on how intensive the inspection needed. Considering all the schooling and qualifications they had to go through, appraisers have spent so much time and money just to get certified and be where they are now. There are appraisers who charge by the hour. Set aside as much as you can for you to afford the best.

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