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Assurance Engineer

The IT industry is one of the most promising fields for career development. Every year the number of people who want to work in information technology is growing. People wonder how to get hired into an IT company if they have little experience or no experience. One of the most popular ways is to start a career as a quality assurance engineer.

Who are Quality Assurance Engineers? What do Quality Assurance Engineers do? 

In this article, we will tell you a little bit of information about this position. A quality assurance engineer is an IT specialist who improves the software development processes by detecting errors in the products and prevents their occurrence on the way.

The main task of a quality assurance engineer is to find the errors that the programmer made. If you desire to work as a quality assurance engineer, you must be able to:

  • Plan tests.
  • Prevent defects.
  • Assess risks.
  • Check if the products comply with requirements.
  • Create and plan ideas to improve product quality.
  • Analyze the results of the test.

The work of the QA is complex and painstaking. Sometimes this specialist researches the product at all stages of its development. Responsibilities include discussing fixes with the other developers, tracking the life cycle of different mistakes, analyzing testing, improving other processes, maintaining the test documentation, identifying problem areas, writing test scripts, etc.

What things to get hired does a quality insurance engineer need?

  • Higher Education (but not necessary).
  • Knowledge of Windows, Mac OS, and, if necessary, testing of mobile applications, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • Knowledge of programming languages, at least at a basic level.
  • Knowledge of English at a level that allows you to read and write technical texts, reports (at least Intermediate).
  • Perseverance, attentiveness – the ability to come up with wise solutions.

Pros and cons while working as a quality assurance engineer.


  • A prestigious and popular profession in the field of development (you learn new things all the time).
  • Good pay.
  • You can work in the office and remotely.


  • Monotonous and painstaking work (in order not to lose concentration, do not forget to relax. Take up a new hobby, befriend with new people. Don’t forget to travel to broaden your mind. This will give you strength and enable you to cope with the most difficult tasks).
  • Sedentary lifestyle (quality assurance engineers spend a lot of time at the computer looking for defects. To protect yourself from the negative effects, take short breaks during your workday, warm up and go for short walks).

The work of a quality assurance engineer is an important part of the IT industry.

This profession has its advantages and disadvantages. The main thing for you is not to be afraid of difficulties, constantly improve yourself and claw your way to the top.

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