Factors To Consider While Building a Strong Case On Cycle Injury

Cycle Injury

It is unfortunate to say that cyclists in Los Angeles may come face to face with fatal accidents. They have to be extra cautious from the cars and motorbikes running on the road at a high speed. The probability of being injured s is higher than you may expect.  This can be due to the driver’s negligence or their rash driving practices on the roads.

Research reports reveal that Los Angeles has the highest number of cycle accidents. There are more than 180 accidents recorded when compared to other cities/states in the US. Cyclists on the road are either hit by a drunk driver or mostly by a defective pavement making the case worse. Moreover, the driver’s negligence is also a major cause.

Seeking immediate treatment is necessary when you get hit by a vehicle while cycling. But don’t you need fair compensation for the physical damage you have suffered? The obvious answer to that would be “Yes”.

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Hit By A Vehicle- File A Claim

The driver or the owner of the vehicle is legally bound to compensate for your injuries. It is you who will need to file a claim in the court of law to get the compensation amount you deserve. Check these factors before you file a case on being hit by a car while riding your bicycle.

How Severe Are Your Injuries:
When you have decided to file a claim, you need to check out how severely you are injured.  Most cyclists suffer from fractures in their hands, ligaments, elbow, knees, etc. Serious damages include paralysis, brain injury, dental injuries, or a strong hit on the jawline.   

Treatment Costs You have Incurred:
The cost of medical treatment you have incurred is another factor in determining the seriousness and value of the case. Keep your medical bills safely. Preserve your medical records like X-ray reports, test reports as they are the prime evidence in filing a case.

Lost Your Employment Or Unable to Work:
Have you missed attendance in your office? Is your income affected due to the accident or did you lose your job due to the accident? There are chances you might lose your job in the industry where you need to be physically active to perform your duty. If such is the case, you can raise a compensation claim against the owner of the car.

Long-Term Disability: 
If the cyclist has faced a serious accident that leads to long-term disability in his body parts, he can claim compensation without fail. These accidents cause permanent disabilities like breaking of neck, legs, hands, or head injury. In some cases visual impairment is common.   

Your Emotional Suffering:
Undoubtedly, there will be physical suffering from the damages. This affects your mind and thought process that makes you suffer emotionally. If an accident is serious where one is badly injured with no hope of recovery, the emotional suffering is hellish. Though one cannot fulfill emotion by any amount, compensation can make your life a bit easy.

If you know anyone affected by cycling in Los Angeles, you must make them aware of their rights. Contact a legal attorney today! 

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