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Car Shipping
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You own a vehicle, and it takes you wherever you want. However, the car itself might need transportation sometimes. It is then that auto transport companies come into context. The specialized services that car shipping companies offer simplify the task of hauling a vehicle across long distances.

The rates for the same vary significantly depending upon several factors. If you are considering auto transport, you might want to know what determines the quotes to make an informed decision.

Distance between Pick-up and Drop

One factor that will impact the price of auto transport majorly is distance. The cost per mile of shipping is multiplied to the miles in which your vehicle has to be moved to arrive at a cost. This cost is a primary point of reference, and other expenses can be added up to this to get at an approximation.

Mode of Delivery

Whether your vehicle is collected and delivered from one terminal to another or is shipped one point to another through door-to-door delivery makes a lot of difference.

Terminal-to-terminal services come cheaper as auto transporters can ship vehicles in bulk and cut down on a lot of costs. On the other hand, if you go for a door-step delivery, you will have to spend more.

The Route of Transport and Seasonality

When your vehicle has to be transported using a popular car shipping route, the prices are bound to be lower. The volume of services always has a bearing on the cost.

You will discover that auto shipment companies have highly competitive rates for cities like Chicago, Miami, or Los Angeles. But that is not all. The summer-time prices are always in a higher range. Thus, shipping your car in the off-season can make it less expensive for you.

Type of Carrier

Auto transport companies generally offer both open as well as enclosed carrier options. The enclosed transport options provide a higher degree of protection to your vehicles from external risks and, therefore, are priced more. If your shipment is highly valuable, you might want to opt for it.

Transporting vehicles using open trucks is cheaper in comparison. Although they are not as secure as enclosed trucks, the risk of damage remains significantly low.

Vehicle Specifications

Your vehicle’s size and weight are vital aspects that impact your car shipping quote. Since vehicle carriers have limited space and capacity, a bigger vehicle attracts higher fees.

Apart from leaving less room for other vehicles, bigger vehicles also increase fuel consumption for trucks as they weigh more. On the other hand, hauling a hatchback comes cheaper as it is lighter and more compact.

Flexibility in Delivery

The window of delivery can have a say in the amount you have to shell out towards car shipment. If you want your car delivered within a couple of days, your expenses will go higher. But if you allow your service providers more flexibility concerning delivery time, you can lower your budget accordingly.

Professional services can take away all the hassles and ensure smooth transit of your valued vehicles. Leave confusions at the bay, consider your options, and fix an appealing budget before you wish your car a bon voyage!

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