Facebook Slowly Building Out a Fiber Network

Fiber Network

Facebook needs a way to communicate with some of its data centers that are in areas where internet services are slow at best. The construction of a new fiber network could mean that the areas where the data centers are located could get connected to high-speed internet after years of waiting.

Phase one has been completed according to an announcement by the social media platform that was made in March 2021. The fiber-optic network is being constructed in Indiana, which is where residents are getting excited at the prospect of internet service with higher speeds. Running along 80 miles near Interstate 70, the network extends from the border of Ohio to areas in Indianapolis. Small towns that the network will pass through include Greenfield and Lewisville. Facebook hopes that the second phase will be completed by the end of the year and run through other small towns including Putnam and Marion.

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Solving Issues

One way that some companies try to solve issues with internet connections is to launch satellites or connect to satellites that are already in orbit. They could also use balloons or drones to get better connections. Facebook is one of the first that has used fiber-optics to craft a network. The question that some people want to be answered is why the company wants to bother with spending this much money in Indiana.

A new network could provide new connections for rural areas that haven’t been able to receive high-speed internet in the past. It could also lead to an infrastructure that could be built upon and expanded to other areas in the future and that other companies can connect to if they want to expand as well. Facebook hasn’t been clear about the benefits that the network has for the media platform. The only detail that the company is giving is that it needs to be connected to some of its data centers. It also wants to be connected to other areas of the world.

Spread Out

There are about a dozen centers that Facebook has in place across the United States. These centers are responsible for storing the data collected by Facebook and distributing it to other Facebook users and companies associated with the platform. The middle area is Indiana, which could be why Facebook chose the state to start its fiber network. Other states where centers are located include North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia. Data needs to be sent through a network that is similar to what residents use for their internet services. This is likely another factor that Facebook looked at when deciding what kind of network to put in place.

The company has used networks that are already in place in the past in order to ensure that all of the data centers were connected. Only over the course of the past two or three years has Facebook started looking at building its own network that could be faster than what others offer. The network is beneficial in areas that only have satellite connections or that use other types of cable aside from fiber optics internet as it will give residents a boost in the speeds that they see. There has been no indication as to when residents in Indiana could see the increased speeds or the new connections that might be offered, but Facebook has indicated that it wants to work with providers to get on board as quickly as possible.

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