Expand Your Reselling Business And Go Where Your Competitors Aren’t

Expand Your Reselling Business And Go Where Your Competitors Aren’t 1

The number one issue technology resellers have been battling with over the last few years is an increasingly oversaturated market. There are too many companies looking to lease IT equipment but there’s not enough local interest or need, which can be exhausting when trying to expand and grow a business. When a local industry dries up, the first instinct might be to put down roots elsewhere in an attempt to find greener pastures. When working in the world of technology, this theoretically isn’t such a bad plan; there are service providers who need to lease equipment available internationally in order to send powerful signals. The issue lies in getting the equipment there safely and on time.

When resellers think of shipping expensive assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas, it can feel panic inducing, especially if there is the slightest chance of the equipment to getting lost, delayed, or returned at a hefty cost. Unfortunately, many resellers have had these types of unsuccessful experiences; because they attempted to ship dual-use goods having no prior experience, or idea about how strictly they’re treated at customs, they suffered costly delays. What’s worse is these events can soil relationships with the prospective clients that resellers are hoping to foster long lasting partnerships with.

When considering the risks, expanding in the hopes of becoming a big fish in a small pond stops looking so appealing; many companies have chosen to remain in a competitive and frustrating market due to these very fears. However, there are services out there that can remove some of the pain points from this rather complex process. TecEx is an importer of record with a point of presence in over 120 countries and they specialize in shipping computer technologies and receiving clearance for them every time. Take a look at these blogposts to help you reduce importer costs and see how this company’s experience allows them to apply for all the required documentation the receiving country requires, and how they have developed strategies for getting through the process faster, resulting in some of the best lead times an importer can offer.

They also offer a hands-on service; not only do they take responsibility for the good upon clearance, they even liaise with their client’s forwarder or freight service to ensure the equipment arrives safely. For clients that prefer to use this company’s own couriers, they may do so instead. Requests can be made of their on-the-ground personnel by using the company’s convenient online portal, allowing clients to remain involved in the process as their equipment travels towards the border.

If you want to expand your business in a market that’s drying up, it’s important to go where your competitors aren’t. Now, partnering with the right importer of record will make sending technologies overseas simpler, even if the regulations of the country you’re importing to are strict. Don’t force yourself to do business locally where there is no money to be made, go global and develop relationships with those who are in need of your technologies desperately.

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