Everything you need to know about hoverboards


What are hoverboards?

Are you looking for a Christmas gift or a birthday gift for your child? Hoverboards can be proved the best gift for your children. These self-balancing vehicles are used as transportation and for fun as well. It is also known as different words like glideboards, balance boards, and self-balancing scooters. This has become a great craze for parents and children these days. They take it as a source of amusement and a fun way of getting place to place.

How do hoverboards work?

These boards do not hover actually but just a term that has been given by getting inspired to a fictional levitating device. These are consisting of two self-balancing gyroscopes to balance pitch and machine, a motor for skate balancing, and batteries as fuel. Two footpads are used to control this scooter. To ride your hoverboard stand up straight and look forward. To move forward and backward it requires leaning or a gentle shift of your weight by pivoting on your ankle. To turn your scooter left push down your right toe and to turn right push down your left toe. After finishing the ride shift down your weight on the dominant toe and step down on the other foot. Avoid jumping because it can make you fall. 

How much it cost you?

When we talk about something the first thing that comes in our mind is its price. So here the question is how much does a hoverboard cost? No doubt hoverboard is an emerging gadget but still, there are many manufactures in the market where you can buy a hoverboard according to your budget. It starts from $100 -$500. You can get a basic hoverboard for a seasoned ride just in $100 -$200. 

If you want a hoverboard with some qualities and technologies like LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and higher speed you can get it at $200-$300.

If you want to buy high-end models with all technology that you have heard about hoverboards will be included in the price of $500.

How it can be beneficial for your kids?

In this age of technology where children have become busy with their smartphones and tablets, hoverboards can give them a break from this routine and get them close to others through outdoor activities which are very significant during your child’s growing age. It will also build a sense of collaboration, cooperation, and engagement with their surroundings.

Are they safe to use?

There can be many problems with hoverboards. As safety comes first, while buying a hoverboard make sure that it is UL 2227 certified. Many manufactures are selling sub-standard hoverboards with a risk of overheating and catching fire. And with a low-quality component, it will be difficult for your child to handle it and the chances of getting injured are high. So, to avoid all these problems never overlook safety over cost. UL certified hoverboards are as safe as electric skateboards. 

Safety measures to follow:

Hoverboards are dangerous are not there are some precautionary measures you must have to follow to not get injured 

While riding a hoverboard always use to wear protective gear including helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and tailbone protection. 

Avoid riding in or near the traffic.

Read instruction about weight and age before riding a hoverboard and get some training to avoid serious injuries. 

Check the batteries not to get overheated. And always use the charging cord came with the product.


No doubt it is fun to way around your town riding a hoverboard. And as they vary in the price you can pick one according to your choice and budget and can enjoy your ride by taking the above-mentioned safety instructions.

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