European Countries Demand An End To Israeli Occupation Of The Palestinian Territories

Palestinian Territories
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The 1080-member parliament of 25 European countries rejected Israel’s proposed occupation of the Palestinian territories and called for an end to it.

In a letter to other EU governments, including the European leadership, the MPs said they were committed to the global order, following the “rules” of parliamentarians spread across Europe.

We are deeply concerned about US President Donald Trump’s proposal for peace between the Palestinians and Israel, which gives Israel the right to integrate the West Bank into Israel.

In their letter, the MPs called on the European leadership to take the initiative and play its part in preventing the occupation, as it would not only undermine Palestinian sovereignty but also bring lasting peace to the region through a two-state solution. Will also damage the concept.

In their letter, the MPs quoted the European Union’s foreign affairs chief, Joseph Borrell, as saying that there was no room for the idea of ​​forcible occupation of territories by force in 2020 and that there would be consequences. Should

They wrote that if this was not done, it would encourage states with regional issues not to respect international law.

The lawmakers said the rule of law was a threat to Europe’s long-term security and stability. The letter further expressed the deep concern expressed by these MPs and said that this issue is no less dangerous than the process of dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic.

For a lasting solution to a conflict, it must also guarantee the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians for protection and they are equal rights with Israel.

It may be recalled that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced that he will present a resolution in his parliament on July 1 for the integration of the Occupied Palestinian Territories into Israel.

In this regard, US President Donald Trump, while supporting Israel has suggested that it should include 30% of the West Bank.

The signatories to the letter include 13 party leaders in the parliaments of different countries, 5 heads of various parliamentary foreign affairs committees and 16 party parliamentary leaders, including the European Parliament.

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