Eric Dalius explains how businesses can take advantage of webinars

Eric Dalius

The necessity of webinars has gone up many more times during the Covid19 pandemic.  Businesses are engaging in virtual meetings, seminars, and even organizing training programs to maintain business continuity by adhering to physical distancing restrictions. Webinars have become much more important than before because today, it is no more a choice but a necessity for businesses, feels Eric Dalius, a successful marketer who has seen the evolution of business from close quarters.

Webinars are excellent tools for communication and engagement with customers, prospects, employees, and other stakeholders of businesses that enable wide-scale sharing of knowledge and information. Most important is the engagement it creates that generates leads with high prospects of conversions and brings in revenue that impact the bottom line.

Webinars are now an essential element of companies’ inbound marketing and content strategies. It has become one of the primary ways to staying in touch with customers during these difficult times. If you are yet to adopt webinars, you are definitely missing out on something. They are especially beneficial for small businesses that can use them as a powerful tool to take on the bigger competitors, observes Eric Dalius.

Businesses have many reasons to use webinars, some of which find mention in this article.

 Deliver tremendous value

Businesses find webinars highly effective in delivering value and one of the main reasons for using them. Webinars provide a highly interactive platform that provides excellent engagement opportunities that is highly beneficial for businesses when streamed live. Webinars can go on for hours without distracting the audience, who takes great interest in staying connected and voicing their views. Listening directly to customers is of great benefit for businesses as they receive valuable feedback to improve customer experience.

When webinars are used for training, it produces the same results as live training programs, and there is always a scope to improve the quality of the program by making real time changes to the content to serve the audience better. As the content goes through transformations within a short time, webinars bring in marketing’s highest conversions.

Establish your position in the field

Even if it’s a free webinar, the audience does not take it lightly. The audience’s involvement is no less because it is free as they are ready to sign in and register for the event, prepared to devote time for it. They set aside a date for attending the event and be present at the right time with the mind to listen to your deliberations for a few hours. This shows how eager the audience is to listen to you when you talk about a particular subject. It helps to bolster your position as an expert in the field even before you delve into the content. However, you must prepare to fulfill the audience’s high expectations by showcasing your knowledge and adding value to the event.

Achieve sales without selling

 Businesses embrace webinars because it is a powerful marketing tool. By using the right kind of content, marketers can talk in different ways about their products and businesses to soft-sell their prospects without talking about selling at all. To get the most from webinars, companies must learn teaching and selling skills simultaneously instead of teaching first and then selling.

Although webinars offer enough scope for teaching, to use it properly, you must use it for focusing on problems and find solutions that deliver value to the audience. The main takeaway of webinars is that your content should educate the audience to know what they want. It will help avoid hard-selling, and you can achieve sales more naturally while sharing knowledge. Webinars are one of its kinds because teaching and selling go hand in hand.

Webinars are easy to organize and affordable

You can organize a webinar with the least effort only if you have an internet connection and an audience ready to hear you. You can communicate with hundreds of people regardless of their location across the globe. All this will happen while you are sitting at your home in a comfortable environment, giving everyone more pleasure, from the host to the audience. With mobile technology available to everyone, it is easy to catch up with the event even when traveling with a smartphone.

By sitting at your table, you can engage in conversation with your customers and prospects at a one-on-one level, which is the best way to acquire new customers and without traveling to reach out to them.  Webinars save your time and require much less effort to interact with customers that would have otherwise entailed organizing expensive meetings at far off locations and spending enormous time and money on traveling.

Generate new leads

Most businesses struggle to generate leads, which are the drivers of businesses. Generating good leads ensures the survival and growth of companies, and webinars are powerful lead generating tools. Webinars help attracts prospects who take an interest in the business, and through close interactions, they convert into customers.  Submitting personal details like name, address, and email are necessary when registering for webinars and this allows getting a list of interested people who are ready to listen to you and, in the process, become valuable leads. The chances of lead generation through webinars are always high because the people have shown interest in your business right from registration.

Build relationships

Organizing a webinar shows your intention of conveying value to your audience and how seriously you take them. That you are ready to educate the audience is the first step toward achieving sales. Webinars allow businesses to explain the business and products while underlying the value it is capable of delivering to the audience. By clearing all doubts of the audience, you get a firm grip on them who are ready to trust you by entering into a relationship that goes a long way to enrich your business.

Webinars are excellent platforms for building personal relationships without calling a person or visiting a prospect and its appeal is the same to both new leads and seasoned ones.

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