Entertainment-Education: The Best Educational TV Shows for Kids of All Ages


When it comes to watching and extracting popular content for your kids to watch, the task is difficult. You want your kids to have some fun times with educational content but on the other hand, the increased screen time of your kids bothers you more than anything does. The truth is that no matter how much you try to keep your kids away from gadgets or TV, there are still going to end up having screen time on the content of their choice. So you should be giving them some free time to watch things that you think are beneficial for them.

There is a lot of content available on cable TV that your kids can watch. However, not every kids-friendly content can provide the benefit of learning. Therefore, we have made a whole list of TV shows that you can allow your kids to watch.

With these shows, you would no longer face the need to supervise your kid’s screen time. However, you have to make sure that the cable TV or internet streaming platform you are using is household-friendly. There are a lot of cable TV and internet service providers that might provide their service at cheap rates but would become the source of your kids accessing age-inappropriate content. Therefore, make sure you have the right medium in your home. We would suggest you check out the internet and cable TV packages from Spectrum TV. Spectrum TV not only provides affordable cable and internet service but is also meant for the household environment.

Now that we know which cable TV and internet service are best for kids it is time to know which TV shows are best for kids to watch:

Ask the Storybots

It gets extremely difficult to keep a toddler still in one place. Since all the working ladies and men are managing their work from home in the United States, the process of handling a toddler all the time has become extremely exhausting. Therefore, we suggest using your Netflix account for some life-saving purpose this time. You can let your kid of 3 plus age see some funny and friendly bits discovering their answer to a big question. The show uses amazing music videos, songs, letter rhyming, and takes kids to virtual trips to a different place that helps them learn about the outside world.

Julie’s Greenroom

Another Netflix show for kids of age 4 or above, Julie’s Greenroom shows Julie Andres playing a performing studio owner with original puppets from Jim Henson Company having fun on the show. The show teaches kids about putting a stage show with their friends. Your little ones can get hooked all time long with this cute and friendly show while you can do the rest of your work.

Odd Squad

The PBS kids with its show for kids above the age of 5 helps kids solve mysteries with their math skills. There are a lot of ways that can help your kids build interest in math but nothing can beat the interest made by the Odd Squad. Therefore, stop forcing your kids into solving some serious math problems when they can do it with their virtual squad. The show in its season 3 helps kids watching on their television set hypothesize along with the characters in the show when they travel around the world.

Kids solve math problems with addition, fact families, subtraction, and some other math skills taught in grad-school.


What does Amazon Prime have for the kids?

Well, Amazon Prime has a tween girl in the show as a science genius who loves to solve some serious problems using her engineering and computer programming expertise.

Wild Kratts

Do not you miss waking up on a Saturday morning to watch looney toons while having your breakfast? Well, you cannot experience that again but you give these amazing moments to your kids that they can cherish all along.

The PBS kids with its show called Wild Kratt’s have made Saturday morning amazing for kids above the age of 6.

The show gets kids understanding different animals and their behavior, adaptation, along with real-life zoologist brothers Martin Kratts and Chris.


Brainchild is a science-inspired equation series that uses different experiments and creative processes to teach kids about concepts like neurology, marine biology, gravity, and senses.

Kids at all ages can watch this show especially the kids that are turning teens.

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