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Essays are like the author’s point of view or an argument regarding a subject that he or she is mainly talking about. Primarily essays are categorized into two categories – informal essays and formal essays. The essays, which are written on topics, such as environmental issues, social issues, adapting to some changes, tips to deal with stress, how to overcome anxiety, famous monuments or a background story related to them fall under the category of formal essays.

On the other hand, essays, such as a brief about your visit to the Disney Land or the review of your favourite movie, or the fun you had at the summer camp are all informal essays. You have to write both formal and informal essays in a significantly different manner. The primary difference between the formal and the informal essays is the language that you use, the words that you choose, tense used, choice of person, i.e., first, second, or third person, and the framing of the sentence. All of this plays a huge role in distinguishing one from the other.

Difference between writing an informal essay and a formal essay

A top writing expert at FineGrades, suggests that in a formal essay, the choice of words is usually quite simple. So, if you are writing a formal essay, you would curtail yourself from using jargon words. On the whole, everything is mechanically put. You have to write the piece in the third person, and the tense that you use is according to the time and context.

However, through the essay, you have to stick to one tense. Regardless of the essay you are writing, shifting between tenses is one of the most distracting things that you can put your readers through. On the whole, the sentence structure that you use for writing a formal essay should be short and straightforward. It must comprise a verb, noun, and naming a word.

An English homework writing expert, who works with an online portal that offers several online courses, like the best online python course, says that in the informal essays, your choice of words may be fancier. It is always presented in the form of a story. Primarily, these essays are meant for the enjoyment of the reader. In here, the sentence structure could be extended, and the writing style is more relaxed. There is no rigidity in the language.

However, the tense has to be according to the period of the content. In all cases, informal essays are written in a more conversational style. These essays are written as if the writer is directly communicating to the reader.

These are the primary points of distinguishment between the format of formal and informal essays.

To help you make your essays worth reading, be it informal essays or formal essays, we have come up with some methods and ways, which can make them readable and attractive.

Collecting information

Firstly gather adequate information that you need to write the essays. For this, you can do your online research, read books, examine the news piece, etc. If the topic is too complicated and you need some further assignment help, you could look through the internet for some assignment help providers. However, if you want to do it all by yourself, you can supplement your search by visiting a library or via the internet.

Draft an outline

Before you begin writing, you must plan how you are going to put forth the entire argument. It is the most quintessential yet neglected step by most students. An unclear line of reasoning or poor sentence structure can be corrected if you have your outline ready.

For outlining your essay, you can follow the steps:

  • Be sure of what you are going to convey right at the start. You have to give the essence of what follows in the body to the reader right in the introduction.
  • Re-read what you have written. If you happen to misplace the primary point or if you think some facts are missing, re-check and organize further. It would be best if you plan your thoughts well before framing sentences.
  • Next, you need to fill in the skeleton order by order. So, decide the conclusion because an abrupt ending can be irritating for the reader.

Vocabulary, writing style, and context

An expert at TAE who offers English do my homework services says that you can adopt any writing style for the essays, it can be either flowery and pink or as direct and scientific as you would like it to be. However, to achieve good grades, you need to be precise and not vague or complicated. If you are using a big word, do ensure that you understand its meaning thoroughly. Always use terms, which help you contribute to the development of the essay to ensure that the flow is maintained.

Grammar and punctuation

No teacher would want to read an essay, which is full of grammar and punctuation errors. So, employ sentences with proper syntax, punctuation, and grammar.

Tone of voice

Your tone of voice in the essay can guarantee a better-written essay. So, read through the essay and see if the tone is right. You can make the essay interesting if the tone is confident. It helps ensure that the reader knows what you are talking about.


Lastly, do not ever submit an article without proofreading it. Ensure that you get rid of all the errors before final submission.

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