Easy and quick hacks to keep your office desk organized

office desk organized
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Organization is key – and that is the most important aspect of keeping a productive environment. In fact, it is so essential to setting the tone of the rest of your day, that it should be a precursor to every workday.

When you pay attention to organizing your workspace every morning, you will not need to think much about it for the rest of the day. The good news is that the task does not need to be an overly complex one, because there are some useful hacks that are very easy to implement, yet cut down the time you spend trying to de-clutter your office space. That means you also get to achieve more throughout the day, and leave work at normal hours.

Before we begin outlining these tips, know that they also apply if you have an open-office setup, or work in a home office setting.

The desk layout needs to match your natural flow

If you are starting every morning with a to-do list, then have a pad and pend in front of you or your work desk. If your first task is to check your emails, then clear up the desk space so that you can sit in your chair and check them immediately. Just note that not every desk layout setup will work for you, just because you found an interesting setup on Pinterest – so ensure your choice of arrangement works well for the routine you use.

Position a trash can next to your desk

Think about this – how frequently do you look at a paper on your desk and think that you will throw it away when you get up? That is a problem that is too familiar to us – but you can solve the problem by throwing it away immediately in your trash can. Even though this might look like an interesting challenge, it is a great idea to keep a trash can next to your workspace so that you can reduce the clutter on your desk, and keep up the good efficiency of your setup.

Hold your cables in a special containment

Cables – the ultimate annoying reality for everyone. You have a computer or laptop, and it has cables. You have phone chargers on your workspace, and their cables take up so much of the space you could use for other thing. All these leave you wondering how you can keep them organized, because they are a pain to keep folding away.

Well, you can solve the issue of annoying cables by adding a binder clip or cable holder to your desk setup. In fact, you can even enhance this by labelling your cords and chargers, in case you need to lend them to co-workers and want to prevent theft or loss, or when you want to keep them in a specific place instead of leaving them scattered throughout the desk space.

Maintain a system of organizing documents

If part of your job involves handling physical papers and files (which are part of inescapable stationery purchases), then you will require a system that keeps them organized and in place. Spare some time to see the organization system you need (such as the number of boxes you require), then take a desk organizer, filing cabinet, or accordion fielder that corresponds with your organizing needs.

If you cannot do this due to lack of space, then you can designate a specific corner of the desk, where you can stack the papers as you get them, and organize them as you go.

Always keep reference documents near you

If you have some documents you are constantly pulling out of drawers to examine, make a point of organizing them so that you can easily see or take them. Keep them near you through buying a nice shelf frame for them, pin them to your wall (if you must), or use a desktop organizer. This will help in increasing productivity and save you time from constantly looking through files and folders.

Glass jars are helpful too

You want somewhere to keep your valuable, tier 1 kind of stationery, like pens, pencils, highlighters, and erasers? Get a glass jar and set them inside to keep them safe and avoid littering the whole workspace with the items.

Final thoughts

Organizing your desk and keeping it looking great goes a long way to ensuring you increase your productivity, because you are more motivated to work throughout the day – and these tips will hopefully help you to do so.

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