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Tourists and commercial travelers in Dubai desire to visit Muscat during their stay in Dubai by a road trip. Some people don’t want to cross the border on public transport and demand rental vehicles which were not allowed to cross the UAE border in the past. But nowadays, there is no need to worry about road trips from Dubai to Muscat as some professional Car Rental Dubai companies have allowed rental services to Oman from the UAE.

Do you have a plan of going to Muscat in Oman from Dubai by road? Do you want to rent a supercar to cross the border? If you are planning a by-road tour to Oman from UAE, you can easily rent or even lease a car for a long duration but on some conditions. You have to fulfill all the requirements of the auto rental company in Dubai.

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  • Requirements to cross Oman borders from UAE
  • How to travel Muscat from Dubai?
  • Rules and Regulations of Driving a rental vehicle in Oman
  • Driving rules in Oman
  • Conclusion

Requirements to cross Oman borders from UAE

If you are planning to go to Muscat in an automobile rented from Dubai Rent A Car Company, you should ask the company to provide your rental services for crossing the border of Oman and UAE.

For getting rental services for border crossing, you should have a passport, visa, Oman vehicle rental insurance card along with a No Objection Certificate (NOC). Being an experienced driver, having all these documents will allow the company to permit you to cross the border in their auto.

How to travel Muscat from Dubai?

Oman is one of the neighboring countries of the United Arab Emirates. So, you can easily go to your adjacent country by road. There are two routes through which you can ensure your entry into Oman from the UAE. The reason for preferring on-road track is to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Arabian Desert, Hajar Mountains., and the Spreading sea of the Quran on the way to Oman.

Many commercial travelers have to go to Muscat during your Dubai stay for their business projects for a month or more. If you are also going for your long-term business project, you should avail of car lease services to go to Oman as Dubai rental agencies provide leasing services at a pocket-friendly rate. Also, cheap luxury auto service will make your drive of 4 hours and 20 minutes convenient and economic.

Rules and Regulations of Driving a rental vehicle in Oman

Oman is a small but beautiful country due to the panoramic views of nature. Muscat in Oman is an ideal city for driving because other towns and cities of the country are present at some distance. So, you can even enjoy long-drive on weekends on Muscat roads. Before renting an auto for driving in Oman, make sure the availability of air conditioners in the auto as the weather is usually hot there.

Driving rules in Oman

  • Your minimum age should be 21 years old to drive a Dubai auto on the Muscat roads.
  • Just like the UAE, you have to drive your Dubai rented or leased auto on the right side of the road.
  • You should never cross the speed limit as the Oman traffic authority bears no tolerance on speed restrictions and drunk driving. You can drive at an average speed of 40km/hour in the cities and towns of Oman and 20km0hour on highways. If you break the speed limit, Oman will provide your fines record to the rental company which provides you with the vehicle.
  • Along with these rules, you are obliged to pay the passing charges on several tolls that are built in Oman. No matter if you don’t have cash in your bag as you can pay to Oman tolls via your credit card and debit card through an electronic device.


So, it’s time to plan a road trip to Muscat from Dubai by hiring a supercar from the best car rental Dubai company and enjoy your drive from Dubai, UAE to Muscat, Oman with your family and friends.

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