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DIY Projects for Your Home Renovation

Home Renovation

Sometimes you find yourself looking around the house you call home and thinking boy – this looks a bit tired. It could do with a spruce up.

More often than not that’s the end of the thought process, because actually following through and finding work men, designers, contractors, plumbers or electricians is too much hassle to handle.

But what if we told you you didn’t need to do anything drastic, and a few home improvements that can make the world of difference are actually DIY?

Below, we’ve put together some ideas to help you revamp the different rooms in your house without having to break the bank.

Revamping your living room

One simple change you can make in your living room that’s more time consuming than it is complicated is to pull up your carpet. You’ll almost certainly find some gorgeous floorboards underneath, and a great weekend project is to sand them all down, varnish them and get a nice new rug to set in the middle of the room. Making this change gives the room a completely new look and feel without having to do anything too complex (as long as you can figure out how to get the carpet out the front door, that is).

Revamping your bathroom

One piece of bathroom furniture than gets tired quite quickly is the mirrored cabinet. Although they’re very useful, they can quickly look a little old, a little tired – especially if the one you have is constructed from corkboard, it’s likely to respond poorly to the damp environment over time. Order a high quality flatpack bathroom cabinet and replace your old one to give the room a lift.

Revamping your bedroom

The easiest change to make in your bedroom is to change the colour scheme – it’s easy to buy new bedding to match. Give your chest of draws or nightstands a lick of paint in a calm pastel colour, and enjoy the restful ambience it gives the room.

Revamping your hallway

If you’re getting sick of the mess that greets you as soon as you get home from work and step into your hallway, there are a couple of changes you can make to fix the problem. Firstly, put up some extra coat hooks – everyone pressing all their coats onto an inadequate number of hooks is bound to create a mess. Similarly, invest in a flat-pack shoe rack so everyone can store their shoes neatly when they come in.

Revamping Your Kitchen

Similarly to the bathroom one thing that can really bring a kitchen down is tired old cabinets. Due to the nature of the kitchen it’s easy for cabinet doors and paint jobs to become dull and greasy looking even with regular cleaning, and the constant use of the cupboard doors can wear out the hinges. Buy yourself some assemble yourself cabinets and replace your old ones in no time for a whole new look.

It’s always nice to do something new with your home, but that doesn’t mean you have to do anything drastic or complicated. A few DIY touches here and there should be enough to give your surroundings that much needed lift.

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