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Different Types of Fences: Which Should I Choose?


Some fences last longer than others, but your fence should last at least 7 to 20 years. It should also be functional and suit your property well. However, since there are different types of fences that you can choose from, you might end up choosing the wrong type without expert advice. If you’re in the area, consult fencing contractors in Nottingham for help, and they will walk you through different fence types that are suitable for your needs.

Below is a list of common fence types, which might include the one ideal for you.

Aluminium fence

Among the most popular types of fence is made of aluminium. It gives off a wrought iron look that’s appealing, elegant, and simple. If you want to add aesthetic lines to your property, an aluminium fence is your best choice. It is also easy to install, and you can paint it with any colour that complements your property. However, aluminium fences can’t provide the security that others can.

Bamboo fence

If you opt for attractive and eco-friendly fencing, go for bamboo. This kind of fence is a good option for areas with warmer climates. They have a beautiful design that gives off a natural and relaxing vibe.

Bamboo is easy to cultivate, too. For this reason, bamboo fencing is considered eco-friendly. Most of its applications are seen in homes, yet many commercial establishments are starting to incorporate the refreshing touch of nature by installing bamboo fences.

PVC white-picket fence

If white-picket fences can complete the look you desire for your property, but you’re not willing to be hassled with maintenance, PVC fences are your best choice. Aside from being low-maintenance, they can withstand extreme conditions, too.

Vinyl-white-picket fence

While being similar to PVC due to its clean look, vinyl fences are much sturdier. This type of fencing costs more than other types, too. Vinyl fences are also easier to paint as they have a smooth surface. They look elegant and are excellent for commercial and residential uses.

Wrought iron

Install wrought iron fences to add a traditional yet elegant look to your property. Wrought iron is made of iron alloy with a critically low carbon content than cast iron. It’s a strong material that provides enough security but not much privacy. In addition, wrought iron needs to be sanded and repainted every year.

Wood fence

The most popular type of fence is wood fencing. It allows you to achieve a wide array of beautiful looks, and you can use it to add a touch of modernity or traditional design to your property. It comes at an affordable price, too. However, they also need maintenance. You have to repaint, stain, or seal them so they will last long. Since they are made of wood, they wear and rot faster than synthetic-material fences, so you have to replace them more often than other types of fences.


To sum it up, the type of fencing you should opt for should have the qualities you need. Fences serve different purposes, so it is best to learn the differences between fence materials. Learn more about the safety and security measure you should take in order to ease your life and avoid any type of threat, on this website: www.rough-draft.net

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