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Having non-conventional space is the newest trend for companies. Finding an alternative to a stuffy office building is a great way to make your company stand out to potential employees, and potentially save money on rent and upkeep. Moving your employees to a new, non-traditional office space can not only increase employee morale, but can help boost creativity. Below, let’s examine a few of the hottest trends to help build a creative new office space for your employees.

Non-Traditional Buildings

Your company does not have to be crammed into a leased office within a traditional business park. Not only are these buildings very expensive to rent, but they have a tendency to blend in with every other office space. These types of buildings and work spaces have the tendency to completely deplete any creative energy that might be buzzing around. Take advantage of non-traditional buildings to create your own office space. Plenty of buildings, such as former theaters, warehouses, or apartment spaces can be transformed into a new office. In wide open areas, try using office room dividers to help give some privacy for employees that must be on conference calls or attend private meetings.

Promote Comfort

An office does not have to be lined with rigid desks and uncomfortable chairs. If employees are comfortable at work, productivity will skyrocket. Try utilizing soft surfaces and seating. Couches and reclining chairs are a great addition to collaborative meeting spaces. The softer furniture will create a more open, inviting, and in turn creative atmosphere. Desks can be a mix of traditional height desks as well as standing desks. Not only are desks that employees stand at healthier, but they promote interaction and activity throughout the office space with colleagues.

When it comes to comfort, many offices tend to overlook the bathroom. You should avoid this mistake by getting high quality commercial bathroom partitions to make sure you are providing maximum comfort to your employees.

All About Flexibility

One of the most important factors to consider when designing a creative office space is the need to be flexible. Many companies have great success when creating multi-purpose spaces throughout the office building. This means that an impromptu meeting can be held anywhere; at an employee’s desk, in a communal area, or even outside. Be sure to include adaptive audio visual equipment to help facilitate flexibility throughout the space. The ability to project images, and participate in video conferencing is a very necessary element of the modern office building and should be worked into the creative design.

Include Greenery

Bringing some outdoors inside is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Not only will fresh plants bring a natural element into the office space, but it will help to break up the harsh lines of the office. Greenery can help build the connection to the outdoors, improving overall creativity. Simple greenery, succulents, or fresh flowers can help to completely transform a space.

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