Cool Ways To Coordinate Jewelry With Your Outfit

Coordinate Jewelry With Your Outfit

A growing number of women are buying jewelry for themselves, and according to a study, 81 percent of all jewelry is purchased by female customers. Indeed, women today aren’t shy or hesitant to buy precious and beautiful things to reward themselves for promotions, to celebrate a milestone, or simply to feel good. Wearing quality jewelry can do much to boost your mood, but wearing great pieces that are perfectly coordinated with your clothing can elevate your look and make you feel like a million bucks. You can learn about the benefits of wearing matching jewelry with your dress, on this website:

Here are some cool ways to pair jewelry with your outfit.

Sapphires with a lemon yellow dress or blouse

Sapphires have a vintage, elegant feel, and pairing sapphires with your outfits may seem like a challenge at first, especially if you prefer modern or casual outfits. However, you can make sapphire jewelry look instantly cooler by pairing them with a bright lemon yellow dress or blouse. The rich blue of the stone will pop against the bright yellow, and it’s a good combination for work or play. For the office, consider wearing a lemon yellow sheath dress and pair it with a navy belt and shoes. Finish the look with a sapphire bib necklace or a pendant on a thin chain, plus a pair of sapphire stud earrings. For something a little more casual, go for a lemon yellow blouse and wear it with dark blue jeans and navy heels or pointed flats. Finish the look with sapphire studs or drop earrings in a white gold setting, plus a sapphire ring or a thin sapphire bangle.

Brown gemstones with denim

Elevate your denim shirt or dress with some brown gemstones. Some of the best brown gems to consider are smoky quartz, topaz, tourmaline, and mali garnet. Choose brown gems in a rose gold setting to showcase the brilliance and unique hues of these precious stones. Try wearing a denim or chambray shirt or dress with a pendant necklace or drop earrings. Add a stack of bangles, or one big cuff with a single brown gemstone. Finish the look with brown boots, amber aviators, and a brown leather bag.

Turquoise jewelry and beige clothing

Add color to beige clothing by wearing turquoise jewelry. This ocean-colored stone is a favorite among the Coachella set, and it works well with summer dresses and shirts in bright orange, pink, or yellow. However, it can also make a huge impact when worn with neutrals, like beige, white, or camel. For a casual yet stylish look, wear a chunky turquoise necklace with a beige knit sweater and jeans. Pair this combo with a beige leather bag and matching heels. For a hot date, wear a low cut beige blouse and pair it with turquoise chandelier earrings and a matching cocktail ring. For work, wear a beige dress with turquoise earrings and a matching pendant. Finish the look with beige heels with some gold detailing and a matching bag. 

Elevate your style and try these jewelry and outfit combinations for work and play. Experiment with different looks and wear your favorite jewelry with pride. 

Learn more about the matching style of jewelry and shoes with your dress, on this website:

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