Construction Lasers: Why They Are Number One In Surveying

Construction Lasers

The construction industry is always benefiting from stunning technological advancements. One of such pieces of technology that has enhanced construction efficiency is the laser scanner. Being a high-tech piece of equipment that has the ability to quickly capture large swathes of data, it has simplified what used to be an incredibly complex and tedious procedure!

So, why are construction lasers the ultimate in surveying? Let’s a look below:

The benefits of high-tech scanners

 There are numerous benefits to using high-tech scanners, including:

1. They are much more efficient than outdated techniques

 The most advanced construction lasers can quickly capture large amounts of data. Naturally, this makes them far more efficient for producing digital models and accurate measurements. Traditional methods are incredibly time-consuming and often inaccurate, meaning this highly efficient equipment easily wins on speed and performance.

2. They really are incredibly accurate

3D technology is incredibly accurate, containing an error rate of lower than two millimetres. This makes it the perfect technology for capturing accurate details and measurements. If you need to capture angles, curves, irregular spaces and more, there is no better option than 3D scanners.

3. It is a simple non-contact method

With 3D scanners, you don’t have to physically touch any objects or surfaces to gain an understanding of its details. This makes it perfect for scanning objects or areas that are sensitive to touch or difficult to access. Traditional methods, conversely, often involve physically touching the object or attempting to reach a difficult place to access.

4. They are incredibly versatile

Lasers can be used on various objects and surfaces, including irregular spaces, hidden features, complex shapes and more. It can also easily be used to scan outdoor environments, such as bridges and landscapes.

The problems with traditional methods

Conversely, traditional techniques are largely obsolete and for many good reasons:

1. Traditional methods are slow and costly

When it comes to traditional surveying methods, they are usually very slow and time-consumptive. This makes them incredibly difficult for capturing details over large areas, as you would have to continually move around the space just to capture its information (something which is easily alleviated with 3D technology!).

2. They are often inaccurate

Traditional surveying techniques have been superseded as they are incredibly error prone and can lead to mistakes when capturing details and measurements. This is often due to factors including environmental conditions, human error and equipment problems, but regardless of the reason it is something that can easily be avoided with new, advanced technology.

3. It has a limited scope

Traditional techniques typically can only provide a small view of the site and may not be able to retrieve all the information necessary for the build. This may include not being able to capture particular features like underground structures that can’t be seen above ground.

4. It can also be quite dangerous

Outdated methods can really be quite dangerous, especially when working on large construction sites or difficult environments. There is the risk of accidents and injuries that impact the overall safety of the work being conducted.

At the end of the day, outdated methods are simply obsolete. You don’t have to go to the trouble (and risk!) of putting yourself in this slow and tedious process. High-tech 3D scanners are designed to simplify this work whilst capturing the most advanced data possible.

It’s for these reasons why you should never overlook advanced 3D equipment in place for outdated methods. They simply don’t get the job done, whilst dramatically extending the project’s time frame whilst severely limiting its scope.

3D equipment is widely available and much easier to do than any outdated methods, and this is why it will always be recommended over its obsolete counterpart!

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