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Common Winter HVAC Problems and What You Can Do to Fix Them

HVAC Problems

The winter is officially here, which means you’ll be turning up that thermostat to keep your home warm and cozy. You’ll look forward to hot baths and snuggling up on the sofa to watch Netflix while the temperature drops outside. However, many homeowners encounter serious problems with their HVAC systems during the winter months. Knowing what some of the major issues are and what to do about them is critical — the last thing you’ll want is no heat or water in the middle of a cold afternoon.

Receiving regular maintenance check-ups throughout the year from a licensed professional is crucial to ensure that everything in your home is in excellent working condition. While regular check-ups are vital to the lifespan of your home, it’s also a good idea to know what to do when mishaps occur. Check out these common HVAC problems and how you can fix them.

There’s No Heat

If there’s no hot air coming out of your vents, you might have a problem. There are several reasons why this might occur.To see what the issue is, ensure that your thermostat is on and check the batteries. Try moving the dial up and down to see if that makes a difference. If not, you might have to reset your home’s circuit breaker. To do this safely, find the right HVAC company to help you. It’s always best to consult with professionally trained and licensed experts because they genuinely know what they’re doing and can guide you through the process.

You’re Never Warm Enough

There’s nothing worse than paying for heat without actually feeling warm. If your heater is on, but you’re always cold, there might be an issue with your furnace’s air filter. Without proper care and attention, an air filter can clog with dirt, dust, and debris. All of that dust and dirt within the filter make it significantly more difficult for warm air to pass through and into your home. And when it finally makes it, it will take a lot of that dust with it — which creates poor air quality in the house. Over time, dirty air filters can cause damage to your limit switch and create higher heating bills. Have an expert replace or clean your filter for an effective and clean furnace.

Your Hot Water Stops Working

Have you ever looked forward to a hot shower first in the morning, only to discover ice-cold water coming out of the faucet? It’s an alarming and unpleasant way to start the day. While having no hot water is bad enough, many people forget that if there’s no hot water, there could also be additional problems taking place in your home. Your water could stop working entirely, or you could have a flooded basement. In any case, you’ll need your water heater repaired right away by a professional. Find a heating and cooling contracting company that offers 24-hour emergency repairs to help you find a solution quickly, effectively, and anytime.

Always speak with a trusted, local HVAC company that offers outstanding service and repairs before conducting any maintenance work. You’ll be able to relax comfortably and warmly at home, all winter long.

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