Common Behavioral Problems Among Dogs and How to Fix Them

Caring for a dog is not as easy as it sounds. You need to think about many things, including regular vet checkups, signing up for pet insurance, proper grooming, healthy diet, the list goes on. Sometimes, behavioral problems arise and owners do not know how to handle them. Whether you are new to having a dog in your family or considering getting one, here are the behavioral problems you may encounter and how to solve them:

Professional Dog Training

If this is your first experience caring for a dog, it will be beneficial for you and your furry pal to join dog training classes. There are professionals that provide dog training in Provo and all across Utah.

Through dog training classes, you will learn tips and tricks that will effectively eradicate behavioral problems when they arise. You will also get to know your new furry best friend better as you become familiar with its body language.


Barking is pretty normal. It is your dog’s way of vocalizing its emotions, whether it feels anxious, playful, alert, or just bored. However, it becomes a problem when the dog barks so frequently that you cannot sleep at night or the neighbors have started complaining.

First of all, you need to understand why your dog is vocalizing in the first place. Is it trying to get your attention and play with you? Does it feel uncomfortable or is it in pain? To find out if it is a medical problem, touch parts of your dog. Your dog will bark or yelp if you press a sore spot. You should also see a veterinarian for a thorough checkup.

Otherwise, you can prevent excessive barking by teaching your dog commands. Recreate the situation that often makes it bark. For example, ask a family member or a friend to ring the doorbell. You must go to your dog and capture its attention with a treat or a toy. Once your dog has stopped barking, give it a treat and positive affirmations. If you do this exercise often, your dog will eventually learn to not be too anxious or excited whenever there is a person at the door.


Your dog is going to be energetic, especially when young. They would want to play and run around all day. However, you do not want your dog chasing anything that is moving around. It is dangerous for dogs to try and go after other animals or other people.

Teach your dog to come when called. Hold up a toy or a treat. Say your dog’s name and the word “come.” Try to walk back slowly as your dog approaches. When it reaches you, give it a treat and lots of praise.

When you go out, never leave home without a leash. Moreover, carry a dog whistle or noisemaker so that you can catch your dog’s attention when it is being erratic.


When your dog is young, expect some furniture at your home to take a hit. However, you do not want your dog to mature thinking that everything is its chew toy.

One thing you must do is to give your dog plenty of toys it can chew. You can also buy sprays that you can use as a deterrent so that your dog would not find certain items in your home appealing. Eventually, your dog will be able to learn which items they should chew and which objects are off-limits.

Training your dog to behave will take a lot of time and will require effort and patience on your part. As long as you stick to it, your dog will learn and grow up without causing any problems.




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