Common Accidents Involving Trucks And How To Deal With Them

Common Accidents Involving Trucks And How To Deal With Them 1
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There are several causes of accidents involving trucks that can lead to injury, death, and loss of products. Every accident is unique–with some scenarios having been caused by external factors that were out of the driver’s control, as well as driver negligence.

That being said, it’s important to get familiar with the common accidents that can happen on the road and how to deal with these if unfortunately involved in one.

  1. Fatigue Based Accidents

Fatigue is common among truck drivers because of the hours that they’re required to operate the vehicle to deliver loaded products in a set time-frame. A driver can easily doze off then lose control to their vehicle, leading to skidding off the road or driving into an oncoming lane.

In such cases, a truck driver can claim compensation with the help of a truck driver accident attorney in New York. An attorney can help by arguing long working hours requirements that compromised the physical and mental state of the driver.

  1. Inexperienced Driving Accidents

Drivers are required to have certain hours to be cleared so they can cover certain distances. In the case that a driver is inexperienced or had not met the requirements for a particular distance or road, accidents are bound to happen.

Road navigation skills, truck maneuvering, and turning judgment, for example, come with practice and training. Companies that don’t provide adequate training to drivers and allocate journeys to them will place their drivers and others at risk.

  1. Vehicle Malfunction Accidents

Before a driver starts on a journey, they’re expected to check the overall condition of their truck. However, since not all drivers are experts or know anything about mechanics, they’re bound to overlook mechanical issues that can cause accidents.

Malfunctioning brakes and misplaced wiring or routing, for example, will cause accidents on the road. Thus, each truck must undergo regular maintenance and checks to be cleared as roadworthy.

  1. Weather Based Accidents

Depending on the weather of the area that’s to be navigated, a driver can be cleared for a journey or commanded to re-route. For instance, a driver must not embark on a journey in areas that’ll be in the eye of a snowstorm.

Since the weather is unpredictable, one must observe the proper protocols to protect the driver and carried goods.

  1. Overloading-Based Accidents

Each type of truck has a recommended weight load that must not be compromised. Overloading a truck leads to spillage, miscalculation when turning, and side scraping other vehicles on the road.

It’s a common practice to overload a truck to minimize trips. However, this is dangerous and may cause accidents that lead to the loss of multiple lives.

  1. Night Driving Accidents

Roads that are poorly lit at night increase the risk of truck accidents. In this case, drivers have to rely on eyesight and memory, which is not an efficient way of driving.

Drivers must use the best route possible or possibly park the truck until natural light materializes.

How To Deal With Accidents

If you’re unfortunate to be involved in a truck accident, certain mandatory steps should be taken for the best possible outcome. When starting a journey, you must be prepared for any road encounters.

If you happen to get involved in an accident, you must take as much detail as you can from the scene of the accident, such as taking photographs, writing the names of those involved, car models involved, and the location of the accident. These are important as they can be used when filing a lawsuit. Take note that relying on memory alone may not be considered as sufficient evidence.

Having collected the necessary information from the scene, you must seek medical treatment whether you’re visibly injured or not. Some injuries are internal that can result in permanent damage if not attended to.

Once you’ve prioritized your health, you must seek legal advice. Accident attorneys have the expertise required to fight for compensation and argue legal protection for the driver. The legal jargon, processes, submission of evidence, and the documentation required will be professionally navigated for the driver’s best possible legal outcome.


Common truck accidents include fatigue caused accidents, inexperienced driving, vehicle malfunction, weather-based accidents, and overload truck accidents. If involved in a truck accident, you should consider hiring a truck accident lawyer who can fight for compensation and legally protect a driver in certain scenarios.

Remember to note down all the information you can at the scene of the accident and seek medical treatment.

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