Classic or Futuristic – Which Sneakers to Choose?


Sneakers are sports shoes that have long started to be treated like part of casual outfits. They come in various shapes, which means they can be worn in a number of ways. The biggest brands now compete with one another when it comes to designing outstanding models. For example, Reebok goes for classic and ultra-modern designs. Which of them should you choose?

Classic vs modern style

Sneakers were originally designed only for sports and exercise. With time, though, their comfort and functionality made them a favourite everyday type of footwear. Nowadays they can be worn with virtually any outfit. A pair of sneakers will lend a laid-back vibe to any formal look. Sneakers come in all shapes and sizes, which is reflected e.g. in the evolutions of Reebok designs. Footwear by Reebok is traditionally associated with classic and understated design, but recently the brand has been including different, futuristic models in its collections. These sneakers look like an import from the future. They are innovative and eye-catching.

How to style sneakers?

A sports outfit is the most obvious association, but in fact sneakers can be worn with virtually anything. Nowadays nobody’s surprised to see sneakers worn with casual apparel. These shoes go with dresses, skirts or jeans, but they can also be paired with formal chinos or blazers, thus making your outfit a bit more relaxed. Those who are bold enough and like to play with fashion may even wear sneakers with an evening outfit. Are there any limitations? Only in your head.

Does brand matter?

When choosing sneakers you may want to pick a specific brand. Sometimes you have your favourite one and don’t even look at others. It’s good to remember that each brand has its own distinctive features. Or a key element it is famous for. Converse is known for its rubber outsoles, while Reebok comes up with classic and ultra-modern models. When looking for your perfect pair of sneakers, it’s good to explore a few brands and choose functional footwear that matches your style.

Comfort and outstanding design made sneakers popular as more than just sports shoes. Nowadays they can be worn with a number of various outfits. Pick a model or two, and have fun styling them the way you like.

Learn more about different types of foot wears that you can choose from according to the event or occasion, on this website:

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