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Choosing RFID Electronic Door Locks For Your Business

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The locking system for a business should offer the highest security possible and should be convenient. The days when the office had to be opened by one person using a key are gone.

Again, not everyone can have a key to the front door. Imagine an office or business with a hundred people. How can they all have a physical key?

This would be an inconvenience and a risk to the business. As an alternative, with Radio Frequency Identification locks (RFID), they can easily access the premises.

Once this system is installed by a professional locksmith such as locksmithsnearyou.com.au/locksmith-brisbane, then staff will either have an RFID fob or card to enter.

How Does This Locking Mechanism Work?

It is a non-contact technology that does not require one to have a traditional key. The RFID cards have a smart chip that transmits a signal to the card reader.

As the cards are programmed, specific information is saved. This is what will be used to give accessibility.

If the information stored matches what is on the card, the door will be opened but if it is not, it will not open.

Why Choose RFID Keyless Entry Locks

These high-security locks are ideal for business. It could be you have an educational institution, a manufacturing company, or even a hospital. These locks come with plenty of benefits.

The RFID Card Is Small

The RFID card is portable since it is the size of an ID card. You can keep it in your wallet without worries. Once you put it in your wallet, you will not have to worry about losing it.

It is not like traditional keys that you can place on a table and forget them there.

Offers High-Level Security

Security is a priority and these locks will offer just that. If an employee had this access card but they are fired, or they resign, it can be deactivated.

What makes it even more different from a traditional key is that it cannot be copied. Most keys can be duplicated but remember a card must be programmed first.

This prevents employees from having an extra card which could be a risk to the business.

In some instances, there could be an emergency. One needs to get into the premises urgently, but they do not have the card.

Some manufacturers add a feature that makes this possible. They include a mechanical override lock for such cases.

RFID Locks Are Versatile

If the premises are large, there will be a need to use a wide range of locks. Doors will need varying security levels. RFID locks offer diversity in this case.

Regardless of the different business applications that are needed, you will find suitable locks. They fit a wide range of doors.

One reason they offer diversity is that they are available in a wide range of spindle lengths.


For a business, RFID locks tend to offer high-end security. The cards cannot be duplicated, and the information stored in them is unique.

RFID cards are portable and enhance security of the business. They only give access to the authorized people.

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