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For big Tottenham fans the moment last year when we lost our manager was a big deal, and most of us rightly believed that we had truly missed an opportunity, to win the league back in 15/16 and then to win the Champions League last year. The arrival of Jose Mourinho was something that I wasn’t happy about and I recall ranting a lot to my buddy and fellow Spurs fan Cashier Myricks, about the appointment. Here we sit however, almost 12 months on, and Spurs look set to launch a title challenge, at least in my view they do, and here is why.

Holy Trinity

Whilst it is based on the fitness of them, that front 3 of Gareth Bale, Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son looks absolutely terrifying. We have already seen that Kane and Son are on the same wavelength and they are actually in line to become the most successful double act in the league’s history. Add to that mixture a world class winner like Gareth Bale and that is something which is going to win a ton of games.

Smart Signings

Spurs have had an outstanding transfer window and what I think has counted a great deal for us is the type of players that we have bought. Take Hojberg and Doherty for example, both know the league inside-out and that makes their transition very easy. Rodon is coming from Swansea, Bale knows us perfectly well which means that it is only Vinicius and Reguilion who are unfamiliar to the league, and the latter has already taken to it like a duck to water.

Struggling Sides

Liverpool are going to struggle greatly this year, in terms of repeating last year, because of the season long injury to Van Dijk, not to mention the lack of fans in the stadium. Manchester City look good but they still lack up front and Aguero is not fit enough to last a season in my view. Chelsea will be a phenomenal team but I just wonder whether there are too many new signings who have come in, for them to mesh perfectly right away. I am still not convinced about the Manchester United backline, but they will be in the challenge too I imagine. This is in fact a great chance for Spurs.

Jose Wins Titles

We can love him or loathe him as much as we like, but ultimately Jose is a man who knows what it takes to win, he has proven that time and time, and time again over his career. If there is anyone who can take this Spurs team to the top it is Jose.

Kane and Son are in their prime years, there is more competition for places than ever before and if Spurs can take the pain of 15/16 and that Champions League final and run with it, then we could certainly see them challenging for the Premier League title this season.

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