Car Care and Other Maintenance Tips

Car Care

Your car is one of the bigger investments that you will have in this lifetime. This means that you have to maintain it properly to make sure that it will last longer. With this said, here are some frequently asked questions by other car owners that you may want to know the answer to. You can learn about the car maintenance methods for a beginner, on this website:

You may want to know about detailing, washing, and protecting the surface of your vehicle. You may also check Ethos handcrafted car care for premium solutions and microfiber applicators that will not leave any scratches on your vehicle. Some of the things to know are the following:

Why Do Detailing Instead of Washing?

Since your car is considered an investment, detailing this means that you’re restoring its look or preserving it as it is. The professionals will remove lime, sap, tar, and bugs on every side. They will take care of the carpets, interior leather, rims, tires, and vinyl. There’s also the application of protectants and wax that will keep the surfaces looking new and fresh.

Not only will regular detailing extend the life of your vehicle, but this will also add value to it over the long run. The detailing process is very effective when you’re often parking your car outside, and it’s subjected to rain, ultraviolet rays of the sun, birds’ droppings, snow, and more.

These will all erode the layers of coat and paint, and you might have a hard time selling them. With detailing, you can increase the resale value and get a lot of benefits down the road. Learn more about increasing your car’s resale value on this site.

Washing Before Using Microfiber Cloths?

Iron rusting can happen when the exterior is often in contact with moisture and oxygen for more extended periods. When the water has salt, know that the rusting process will happen way faster than expected. If you live in coastal areas, you should frequently check underneath for signs of rust because once it starts, it may be challenging for you to stop.

There are microfiber cloths that are made up of fine fibers that have been slit into millions and are way thinner than a human hair. The slitting process during the manufacturing phase produces wedge-shaped filaments of ultra-fine fiber. Their small size and nylon core are some of the reasons why they are so effective.

The result is that these are very effective and powerful as cleaning tools. Each cloth is composed of various storage components that will trap dirt and waste. They will leave a streak-free surface that’s ideal for your car. The tiny microfiber forms will remove grimy substances, absorb oil and excessive dirt.

Washing your car by hand is one of the most recommended and safest methods of cleaning the exterior. After you’ve been stuck in traffic in a rainy season, it’s best if you could immediately do some washing to remove the contaminants.

Place the car in a shady area and hose down the bodywork. You can use a jet wash whenever necessary but make sure that the angle is placed at 45 degrees. This way, you can blow the grime and dirt but not the paint. It’s essential to rinse the lower part as this is where much of the dirt, dust, and salt accumulates.

More than half of the car owners today use dishwashing detergents during maintenance. However, the detergent solution may strip off some of the wax that protects the exterior. They may also dry out your paint and increase the chances of oxidation. Learn more about the process of oxidation on this page:

Use shampoo and conditioner to enhance the paint appearance while preventing the stripping of the wax. Flush off the loose contaminants afterwards. Use two buckets to separate the washing solution. The first bucket has the detergent, while the other consists of clean water.

Wash the panel with soap and mitt. Before you wipe the surface with the mitt again, dip it in clean water first to rinse the grit and dirt so you’ll leave fewer swirl marks. Using a sponge may increase the swirls or scratches on the surface, and this is why you should consider using a microfiber cloth. Microfibers trap dirt and lift it away from the exterior, giving you a swirl-free solution.

Rinse the mitt once in a while so that the loose grits are removed. Get the car into a final rinse through a hose or flowing stream of water to help create sheeting effects. This will significantly decrease the drying time. There are water magnet towels that can remove the leftover water on the surface. Spot-free results can be achieved by using a sizable microfiber towel afterwards.

Protecting the Pint Surface

Waxing Regularly

Nowadays, the high-solid clear coats are less durable and softer than the low-solid single-stage finish applied by manufacturers several years ago. This is because of the change in environmental regulations in many countries. Waxing will act as a protective layer to the clear coating of your vehicle.

If you’re driving daily, your vehicle may be bombarded with lots of contaminants each day. If they are not removed, or there’s not a protective layer present, this may take a toll on the finish and paint of the exterior. When your vehicle is exposed to the elements every day, you also need to do regular maintenance to keep looking its best. If you neglect the maintenance process for a very long time, this may cost you thousands of dollars in the future, which will decrease the trade-in value if you decide to get a new one.

UV protection and Waxes

Most of the wax marketed today has ultraviolet light protection. However, the amount may be limited as you only need to apply a thin layer of wax on the exterior. The primary function of the wax is to protect the first layers of paint that actually contain the UV protection that you need. If you’re washing and waxing your vehicle regularly, you can rest assured that it won’t suffer any UV damage over time. Also. You can get maintenance kits with specific UV protection at half price in some sites today, so be sure to check them out.

Learn more about the importance of weekly overall checkup of your vehicle and how it can increase the reliability of the vehicle, on this website:

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