Can Wrongful Death Cases Involve Caffeine Overdose?

Wrongful Death

Whenever we come across the term “overdose”, we prefer to believe that the event resulted from a substance like cocaine, heroin, or prescription pills. However, you’ll be surprised to know a large number of wrongful death cases involve an overdose of a substance that most of us consume without any restrictions, caffeine.

Are you a big fan of caffeinated beverages and cannot think of a life without them? If yes, then it’s high time you know the truth. Ask your neighbor which is the best wrongful death law firm near me. An experienced wrongful death attorney is the best person to guide you on caffeine overdose and resulting deaths.

You can also have some basic information on wrongful death cases involving caffeine overdose from the section below.

What Makes Managing Caffeine Addiction Difficult?

To put it simply, caffeine starts causing dangerous side effects when you indulge in excessive consumption of it. People in America are suffering from serious caffeine addiction; at least the recent numbers are indicating so.

The National Coffee Association has of late revealed that more than 50% of Americans drink at least one glass of coffee every day. The survey also found that each year sees people in this country consume almost 150 billion cups of coffee.

Coffee is not the only source of caffeine. There are a series of other beverages that contain an extremely high quantity of caffeine. Examples include energy drinks, aerated beverages, and last but not least tea.

The biggest problem with caffeine addiction is that unlike various recreational drugs, alcohol, etc., caffeine is not a prohibited substance. You can freely purchase foods and beverages containing caffeine whenever you want. There’s no need of presenting any prescription or ID even to buy these items in bulk. Additionally, the government hasn’t even imposed an age restriction on the purchase of caffeinated drinks.

All this leaves people of all age groups, particularly children, at high risk of becoming victims of caffeine overdose. If not addressed early, the addiction might cause serious health issues and even death.

The Consequences of Excessive Caffeine Consumption

Contrary to popular belief, the main reason behind the huge popularity enjoyed by caffeinated drinks is not their taste. People love having those beverages primarily due to the effect they produce. This is one factor that’s common between caffeine and alcohol.

The biggest proof of the above claim made by experts is that the popularity of the decaffeinated versions of coffee, energy drinks, etc. is much less than the regular versions. For your information, decaffeinated versions of the above-mentioned beverages contain just 3% of caffeine or less than that.

An 8 oz cup of regular coffee contains around 95 mg of caffeine. If you consume 3 to 4 such cups of coffee, you shouldn’t experience any adverse effects. Instead, there may be a feeling of elevated energy levels, alertness, etc.

If you end up having more than 4 cups of coffee regularly, you might experience health issues like muscle twitches, insomnia, elevated heart rate, restlessness, etc. The situation can turn fatal if you start consuming more than eight cups of coffee regularly.

Final Words

If any of your loved ones has lost their life due to caffeine overdose, then it is time to seek compensation. Close family members deserve compensation. This makes speaking to an experienced wrongful death attorney a must following such events.

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