Buying a Water Purifier: What Factors to Look For

Water Purifier
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With the increasing pollution levels everywhere, water purifiers have become an essential appliance of every household. Even if you are not able to buy them, you get them on rent like you get an air purifier on rent. The water purifier purifies your drinking water and keeps you away from illness. Clean drinking water is a basic necessity and a water purifier helps you get it. There are several risks, such as the presence of bleach and chlorine with viruses and bacteria. The purification process can remove all these. Finding the right water purifier for yourself can be confusing. This article would guide you about the things that you should consider while buying a water purifier.

Factors to consider while buying a water purifier

  • Quality of water– Before you buy or get a water purifier on rent ,evaluate the water quality at your home. This will help you to decide the type of purifier you require. Generally, the quality of water differs from one place to another. Where some are loaded with sediments, the others are prone to invisible viruses and germs. You should get a purifier that can purify all the harmful things that are present in your water and make it clean for drinking purposes.
  • Everyday use– Another thing to consider is the daily water consumption of your family. Check whether you need the purified water only for drinking or any other purpose. It will assist you to choose the right kind of purifier for your family. If your everyday consumption is high, you would require a purifier with high-power that can supply a large amount of filtered water.
  • Purification technology– The best way to select the brand of water purifier is by comparing their purification process. You should check the technology they use to purify your water. Every water purifier has its mechanism to filter the contaminated water. Some of the purification processes are RO, UF, and UV. Do not forget to check the TDS control level as it stands for purification technique and also the taste of water depends on it.
  • Runs on electricity or not– There are non-electric purifiers also available in the market. They are cheaper than electric ones. They remove impurities based on the technology used. Some of them offer sediment filtration while some offer UF technology and carbon filtration. These non-electric filters are useful where there is a shortage of electricity and running water. You can opt for them if you are staying at a place, which is prone to frequent power cuts.
  • Maintenance cost– Before you confirm the water purifier for your home, you should understand the structure of the maintenance cost. The cost should fit into your budget, as it is a long-term cost. The purifiers require regular servicing at an interval of 3-4 months and the filter needs to be replaced almost every year. Check out the one that has lower maintenance costs and you can pay for it.

It will also be good to check the design and look of the purifier so that it complements the décor of your home. Avoid buying bulky models as you can face issues in shifting it from one place to the other.

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