Business Broadband: Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

Business Broadband: Is It Worth The Extra Cost? 1

Every business strives to stay ahead of the competition. In today’s digital environment, every company needs a reliable internet connection to carry its operations efficiently and profitably. Most of the internet service providers offer different broadband for homes and business with different rates and benefits. Business broadbands are specifically tailored for commercial purpose and attract higher charges as compared to residential packages. Here are the main benefits and advantages that your business will obtain for using business broadband despite the extra cost relating to business broadband packages.

High Internet Speed

Broadband providers prioritise services for business packages. Your business obtains a regular broadband which has a better upload speed and quality as compared to residential connections. The high priority for business package ensures that your business operations are not affected even during the peak hours. Whether downloading the large file on your computer or sending documents on email, the speed of data transfer remains high for the commercial broadband packages. The high upload and download speed are one the reasons why business broadband services outweigh its cost.

Static IP Addresses

Your pc at home use dynamic IPs or private IP addresses which a router assigns. The dynamic IP changes once you disconnect from the internet. On the hand, business needs static IP addresses. Most companies require fast internet and regular broadbands since they run servers. To reach the servers, the Internet Protocols(IPs) need to remain with same numbers all the time to access the servers. Most businesses in digital era have an email and domain name linked to their IP addresses. Static addresses enable enterprises to access emails and server even after putting off the routers. The static IP addresses come at an additional but offer businesses benefits such as the ability to access documents remotely.

Internet Service is Guaranteed

Internet providers offering business broadband promise assure business of reliable and continued connections to reduce disruptions of business operations. One of the critical features in commercial broadband is Service Level Agreements(SLA). After the purchase of business internet, the providers agree to refund money if service delivery does not agree with the threshold. With SLAs, there is the dedication to service delivery and prioritised business support. The providers understand slow connections or disconnection might lead to loss of revenue for the business. The business might also lose its reputation to customers. However, guaranteed internet connection also depends on the quality of infrastructure and hardware at your company. Small business and residential might not qualify for SLAs.The guarantee service and prioritised customer support come at an extra cost as compared to residential broadband packages. Also, the internet providers offer compensation in case they can’t provide internet services on time after a shutdown as stipulated in the contract.

Additional Services

Business packages provide not only fast internet connections but also other valuable services for your business. The extra services include several email inboxes, free domain name registration, and antivirus your office computers. The antivirus service ensures your office network is secure. The business internet also offers web hosting. Cloud storage, data management, recovery and backup plans among other services that enhance the efficiency of the business to customers and suppliers.

Higher Data Limits

Business transactions use more data than private internet browsing. Some internet providers offer unlimited business data downloads while others offer higher download limits per month as compared to home internet packages. The better data service ensures the business can run its operations without hitches.

Cons of Business Internet

The main disadvantage of is the cost for subscription of the business broadband. Depending on what your business needs, the broadband package might not be an overhead. If your business needs reliable customer care, high internet speed, and improved security for a smooth functioning of your corporation, it is crucial to consider business internet package.

Remember the functioning of business affects both your customer and suppliers. With your email and website, you can communicate with customers timely and provide them with accurate and reliable information. You can respond to emails immediately and dispatch orders to customers on time. Broadband connection suits your business needs to deal with staff, customer and suppliers requirements. Reliable customer response leads to higher sales and more profits. The business internet benefits outweigh the extra cost of the internet connection at the office.

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