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The academic platform of Central Board of Secondary Education and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is mainly popular for the curriculum-based question and answers based on each and every concept prescribed in the academic curriculum. The CBSE and ICSE enrich the student’s knowledge by imposing all sorts of questions to students.

Question and answer pages

The question and answer of BYJU’S pages are very helpful to students.  The question and answers given here are related to the concepts and topics mentioned in the textbook for every chapter. This page has biology questions with diagrams. The answers to biology question you will find on the Byju’s question and answers page. The science-related to our body is called biology. The answers given are explanatory and explained diagrammatically, wherever necessary. This page consists of hundreds of questions on each topic and covers the entire topics to be studied.

Types of questions

It has all sorts of questions like multiple choice questions, match the following, name the following questions, fill in the blanks, very short answers, short answer type questions, long answer type questions, numerical, and also questions based on diagrams. Students will get to know how to present the answer in the examination and will also come to know about the important points that must be included in the answers. These question and answers build confidence among the students and encourage them to learn more.

Science is behind everything. Science plays an important role in each and every aspect of life.  It is the subject that can be studied and demonstrated experimentally. The answers to all the science questions are answered in the Byjus question and answer page. This page also describes the activities and experiments related to the concepts and one can easily grasp the things he wants to learn. The type of questions covered in this page are related to space planets, the different types of vegetation that can be found on the earth, elements, compounds, minerals, motion, velocity and speed.

How to prepare for an exam?

The question and answer page of Byjus’s really makes a good sense from the examination point of view. A student can easily get answers to all his queries and perform well in his exams. If a student wants to raise a new question he can directly ask it from the Byju’s ask a question page and he can get answers. He/she can find various questions and answers from previous year question paper, frequently asked questions. The student will get to know about the pattern of questions appearing in the examination. The student can go through the questions chapter wise, and revise the whole lesson just by learning question and answers given in  Byju’s question and answers page. The student can solve each and every question based on their capability and the answers mentioned are in simple language and easily understandable.

Every subject becomes easy for the students if he/she clarifies the doubts at the right moment and if they ask a question whenever necessary.  These pages by BYJU’S is really helpful for students of every grade level.

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