Best Animal Hospital & Vet POS Systems

Animal Hospital & Vet POS Systems

Are you looking for a vet POS system that can help you better serve your patients and their owners? There are so many options on the market that a lot of veterinary practice owners are unsure of which ones to look at. Fortunately, if you have an idea of which features are available, you can narrow down your search to just a couple of options.

Features Needed by Vets

There are a lot of powerful features available through modern POS systems. In fact, for many business owners, it is mind-blowing how different the solutions are today compared to even 10 years ago. As a vet, you want to find a POS system that works well for businesses that sell a combination of services (checkups, care, tests etc.) and products (medicines, medical products etc.).

Additionally, you want a system that can help you manage your patients and their information. Ideally, it should also help you with managing your appointments.

Significantly, it is also very important to find a point of sale system that has an intuitive user interface. Traditionally, people needed significant training to help them learn how to process payment cards. However, in recent years, some designers have made a career in merchant services for themselves by designing POS systems that look like they were actually created for human use.

This can translate into bottom-line results. The right POS solution can save time and money for your business.

Clover 2.0

Clover is one of the best point of sale options for veterinary practices and animal hospitals. It has a sleek design with an easy-to-use interface that is perfect for a modern business. It reflects the type of professional atmosphere that gives your customers the confidence to leave their pets in your care.

Additionally, the technology is highly customizable. You can make the terminal work exactly the way you want it to. Clover features a wide range of features that will keep track of inventory, bill customers, manage your workflows and more. If you want to run a more efficient operation, this is the way. Plus, it has a discount program for cash payments to reward customers for skipping the credit card surcharge.

Hippo Management

Hippo is a cloud-based platform for managing all aspects of veterinary practices. It can help with everything from managing lab results to reminding customers about appointments.

Since it integrates easily with other popular systems, Hippo is a complete practice management tool. It provides many of the features that veterinary practices need from their point of sale solutions. Plus, since it is cloud-based, users have all their data easily accessible from multiple devices. That can make running the practice much easier.

Start With Your POS System Today

Give a new point of sale system a try today. You may be surprised by how much an advanced, modern solution can help your business thrive. In an animal hospital or veterinary practice, staying organized and efficient is essential to providing excellent care to the animals. The right tools can help your business grow and help you achieve your goal of taking care of furry friends.

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