Best 20 Sites To Buy Tiktok Likes Cheap And Real

Tiktok Likes

These are the best sites to buy tiktok likes cheap and real.

We know that buying tiktok likes have been really easy and simple, however with the simplicity and popularity came along a few difficulties like the reliability of the platforms.

There sure are many legit platforms that provide both real and cheap likes. However finding them is an easy undertaking for a web user. you will need to visit and analyze hundreds of pages if not thousands.

Understanding that it would take quite a bit of time, we have prepared a list of platforms for you so that you wouldn’t have to spend your hours finding them. Get detailed information about the social media accounts and how to easily grow them, on this website:

In this article you will find out the best # sites to buy tikt oklikes cheap, real, and more. before we start though, let us introduce you to how we have vetted these platforms and what we paid attention to; these were

  • service,
  • price,
  • reliability,
  • reviews,

that identified how trustable the platform was and, how real were their tiktok likes and other products.


When we were looking for the best websites to buy tiktok likes cheap and real, Feedpixel was not the first site we came across. Although we decided to include this as the first in our list due to a few reasons; Well actually those reasons that you already read above; service, price, reliability and the reviews.

One of the first elements we looked at was their chat support. We chatted with them, talked to a few agents. They were all friendly and kind. They helped us with every issue we got.

However, to really understand how good the service is; it is necessary to find out what other people are talking about. This is exactly what we did. We looked through their website for the areas where they could possibly have testimonials and we found them on the page with the products.

They were all positive, people weren’t really complaining about anything. However we needed to know even more so you decide it’s time to check out their views on other trusted support platforms like trustpilot.

The platform had positive reviews, and their overall score was 4.7. It was time to check out their payment options. It was important to find out to check their reliability. The options included crypto, PayPal, CC, and other e-wallets.

So, overall, the platform passes all the tests, and can be officially named one of the best sites to buy tiktok likes.


Next website on our list is the platform that overwhelms you When you first land on the site, the website looks exactly like an e-commerce website is supposed to: It’s got the fixed menu, it’s got the items hanging around the platforms and everything else showing all at the same time.

Visiting this website you feel like is if you are visiting a social media Bazaar. There is a reason for there mess on the site and it’s that the platform offers more than just Tik-Tok likes or Tik-Tok products for that sake.

One could find products for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and many other platforms. They don’t seem to offer free Tik-Tok likes or free products, however their prices are comparatively low.

If you are to compare their prices of Tik-Tok likes to other platforms which also sell Tik-Tok likes;They are not the cheapest but if you are to compare their pricing to the market average they are on the cheaper side.

Apart from their competitive pricing, the website has great support, it’s got the chat, it’s got the reviews and you can talk to them 24/7. Coupled with service and pricing their positive reviews are what makes this one of the best sites to buy tiktok likes cheap and real.


Pubtok, on the other hand, is a platform that solely focuses on Tik-Tok products. It offers Tik-Tok likes, followers and views, also and offers free views and free likes for those who can’t afford to pay for their services. It’s not only the free products they offer they also have a few free tools for use at any moment.

For example, you could always come to the site to check out the Tik-Tok money calculator to calculate the potential earnings of a certain video. These and more conveniences are what makes this platform one of the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes.

It’s worth noting that they are not the cheapest to be honest. However for the quality of the likes you get their pricing is very competitive. This pricing becomes even more appealing when you find out that they have very positive reviews on trustpilot and a lot of testimonials on their site.

On top of all that, they also offer chat support, although their chat isn’t available 24/7 like the platform above. Whenever you talk to them their support seems very friendly and kind and is always ready to help. So if you’re looking for a platform to buy Tik-Tok likes you should definitely consider Pubtok among the best sites to buy due to its competitive pricing, support and positive reviews.

Overall, Bubtok is definitely one of the best platforms to buy Tiktok likes cheaply and with certainly that they’ll arrive


Another platform that offers Tik-Tok likes cheaply is called social boosting. Again this is not the cheapest platform in fact we are not really taking the cheapest platforms because usually what ends up happening with those cheap platforms is that they focus mainly on the price and forget about other important aspects of running a social media business.

For example, you need a very good service, positive reviews and it’s a good idea to even have a chat. So this platform has it all.

They have fair pricing especially when you are buying Tik-Tok likes. Also, they have very good support. You could write to them on their website and then reply to you almost immediately. They even placed their phone number on their site so that you could call them at any moment. Now that’s what you call a great service.

When it comes to the reviews on trustpilot, the platform doesn’t have any. But the site itself has testimonials of some sort before you buy tiktok likes. so overall it still is one of the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes


Among the best platforms that offer Tik-Tok like Tikfuell comes. This is also another platform that solely focuses on Tik-Tok products. One of the unique features of this platform is that regardless of the number of followers or likes you buy, you always get a certain amount as a bonus.

And everything about this site is that they promise instant delivery. This is probably the first site that promises instant delivery. Of course you may not always want instant delivery but for those cases, when you need something urgent, tikfuel could be the best site to buy Tik-Tok likes fast.

Then it comes today reviews oh, the platform lacks a little bit because they don’t have a chance pallet account nor do they have reviews on their site. They don’t even have chat support. However if you are to write an email complaining perhaps praising them they are quick to reply and solve your problem.

The best thing yet about them may be their pricing. They have competitive pricing and those bonuses on top as we’ve discussed. Now that makes this platform one of the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes cheap and real.


This is another platform that much like others focuses only on Tik-Tok products. while focusing on Tik-Tok products and also remembers to pay attention to their prices and quality and reviews. It’s really hard to compare their pricing strategy to other companies here but it would be fair to say they are actually cheaper.

Because, they have this full promotion package they offer in which you get likes, followers, views, shares and everything in between. Now this is one of the unique packages only this platform offers and it costs about 8 bucks which makes it worthwhile due to the number of products it includes inside.

The number of payments available at the website is definitely something that other websites don’t have. They offer credit cards to Paypal to crypto and a lot more options to pay which can only mean that they truly care about their customers and clients.

This seems like a website that knows how to run a social media business because they also have very positive reviews on trustpilot so having positive reviews, competitive pricing and good support definitely makes TokRush one of the best platforms to buy Tik-Tok likes.


Trollishly is another one of the bigger players in this field that sells more than just tiktok likes. They offer products for virtually any platform but most notably for platforms like facebook, instagram, and youtube.

They took their place among the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes due to their pricing. In fact they are so far the cheapest company that offers 100 Tik-Tok likes at a little higher than a dollar. This is also one of those platforms that offer instant delivery.

How does instant delivery work with orders more than 1,000 or up to 10000 is something that we cannot discuss yet but it’s safe to assume that those bigger orders wouldn’t be that instant.

When it comes to the reviews on the platform that is but only bad news. They don’t have a trustpilot account and they don’t have reviews there either.

But that’s not the worst thing as the platform has loads of testimonials on product pages and they all seem to be positive or at least most of them.

The pricing and support and the fact that they have quite a number of this morning’s on the side is what makes him one of the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes cheap.

Media mister

Now this is truly one of the giants in this industry. They are so big that there is probably not even a single platform whose products aren’t on the offer. And of course they have Tik-Tok likes and followers and views but those looking to buy them.

When you land on the side first here immediately understand how big the platform is due to the sheer number of products they offer. When going to the tiktok likes page you realize how good of the platform is for their testimonials and the pricing.

Their pricing might not be the cheapest but this is the only platform that offers likes from different countries. For example if you happen to live in South America, you could order likes from Brazil or if you’re in Europe you could order Russian likes or just ordering the worldwide one, also helps your account grow.

They actually have a lot more to offer than the selection of countries over the likes or different pricing strategy includes delivery but there’s not enough time to discuss all of that so we’ll just leave you with this information.

Understanding that the platform has what you need and has positive reviews must make for a great candidate to buy Tik-Tok likes.


Now this is truly the cheapest platform in the industry. It seems like the more we do the research the more platforms that offer cheaper likes we end up finding. Although the whole list of sites we discussed today are relatively cheap and fairly priced compared to the vast majority of other Platforms in industry. Even among these there are a few platforms that offer considerably cheaper Tik Tok likes.

It’s not just the pricing about this platform, they also have a great service. The eviews were on the product pages and the chat support that is active and happy to reply to you immediately.

The only downside might be the reviews on trustpilot. It’s not that they don’t have an account they actually do but the reviews they have are not positive in fact they only have a few reviews which can only mean that they probably don’t pay attention to the trustpilot platform.

Since they already have this feature on their webpage, this is still something that a newbie Tik Tok like buyer usually checks before they go ahead and buy.


Views Expert is a platform that is expert in delivering the views for tktok and other platforms. They also offer tiktok likes and other products.

Is one of the bigger platforms in the industry their pricing is comparably low. They also have this unique offer that many other platforms don’t have, which is that they offer a refill guarantee.

This guarantee alone is something that makes this platform one of the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes. Because it’s not something that’s often encountered in businesses of this kind.

Although they don’t have many reviews on trustpilot they have a chat support and when you talk to them they seem very kind and supportive oh, that just means perhaps people haven’t been going over to trustpilot to write a bad review because there isn’t one. With fair pricing guaranteed delivery and a good support it’s fair to call this platform one of the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes cheap and real.


Fastlikes is one of the platforms that sells the only tiktok likes but likes for other platforms. Like their name suggests they focus on the quick delivery than other aspects. That you can see when you land on the site, you realize it’s a simple quick website that’s very convenient and easy to navigate.

The process itself is also very simple. All we have to do is choose your product, click on it and go to check out. If you have any questions during the process before or even after they have the chat support that’s there and ready to help.

When it comes to the reviews on the platform they do have a trustpilot account but they don’t have any reviews there.

The pricing of this platform is also very fair, especially if you compare them to other platforms in the industry. It even seems like they are cheaper.

Then again that all depends on the amount of likes you buy but if we are to take the average hundred likes you would end up paying less with Fastlieks than many other companies in the industry. Overall this is truly one of the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes cheap.


Another neat and clean and easy to navigate platform is called social viral.

This platform is on our list not because they have one of the best websites in the industry but they do have the pricing, the reviews and the service that’s on the same level in this competitive industry.

In terms of pricing they might be a little bit higher than some of the platforms we have listed but in terms of the industry average they are truly cheaper than the most.

Although there are a few downsides about this platform one of them is their reviews and the lack of chat and also the way to contact them. but since you’re getting a far cheaper product the service side could probably be sacrificed for the price.

Social-viral also offers tiktok likes in custom amounts unlike many other companies, well, of course there are a bunch that offer amounts in varying numbers.


To finish up our list we have chosen a platform that is truly one of the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes. Although this platform is different from the rest of the platforms we have discussed. Because they focus on subscriptions only.

So you could actually not buy Tik-Tok likes directly but you could get a package for the whole week that includes Tik-Tok likes, views, followers and everything else.

When you compare the prices of their package to the amount of likes you probably could buy from other platforms this makes it one of the cheapest places in the industry.

However there could be times when you only want some likes for a certain video that hasn’t been growing organically, But it won’t be possible with subscriptions.

However, if you would like to get likes on each and every video you post then having a weekly, monthly subscription could be a cheaper option for you.

When it comes to the reviews of the platform, Tokupgrade shines much brighter than others. Because on their trustpilot account they have quite a number of positive reviews And they have an overall 4.7 score. So it’s safe to assume that their clients have been very happy with their service.


To wrap up the article coma we have decided to leave you with one thought and that price shouldn’t be your main goal when you are buying Tik-Tok likes.

Of course prices are important and if you don’t have a lot of money you wouldn’t probably be looking into buying Tik-Tok likes. But this is an industry where there are all kinds of platforms with all sorts of likes varying in quality.

If you are to truly grow your channel then you should focus on those platforms that give you the best quality of likes and followers abused whatever it is you buy.

Thus, these are the platforms that offer the cheapest Tik-Tok likes with the best quality they probably could afford.

Learn more about the real and fake likes/comments and how you can detect them, on this website:

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