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Benefits of Hiring Houston Concrete Contractors

There are many benefits to hiring Houston concrete contractors to create beautiful, durable surfaces around a business or home. Concrete is used in walkways, driveways, foundations, garage floors, retaining walls and pool decks for a cohesive look and smooth, durable wear. Some people choose to try their hand at pouring the concrete themselves. However, unless you’ve received formal training, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

Large Concrete Surfaces as Labor Intensive

When you have a large area to cover, it’s crucial to get a consistent result with the entire surface neat and level. When homeowners decide to try this themselves, they often end up with low points where water and moisture can collect. Instead, Houston concrete contractors complete the work quickly with professional results.

Correctly Preparing the Site

First, the contractors prepare the site for the pour. This often means grading the ground to figure out how deep the concrete surface will be. DIY homeowners often forget to plan for proper drainage. Concrete is porous and gets wet when poured outdoors. Proper drainage is also needed for indoor concrete applications, especially when it’s used for foundations.

The depth of the concrete is based on soil conditions and many other factors that it takes a professional to get right. The thickness also depends on what type of concrete is used and area weather conditions. When concrete’s too thin, it cracks, and thick concrete takes a long time to cure. The grade and slope have to compensate for irregularities in the ground as well.

Properly Mixing Concrete

There are different techniques for mixing concrete due to variances in composition. Some brands have more sand, and others have reinforced materials or more aggregate material. The right amount of water and the appropriate materials vary from job to job. Attempting to install concrete without a professional can result in the incorrect type of concrete and poor results. This impacts the useful life of your concrete floor or retaining wall, so choose an experienced Houston concrete contractor for the best results.

Smoothing Before Concrete Cures

After it’s poured, concrete can be leveled within a short window of time before it starts to harden. After the concrete hardens, it can’t be leveled or smoothed. Professional contractors have plenty of experience and can work quickly enough to smooth the entire surface of large pours. This is something a newcomer simply cannot do quickly. Unfortunately, failing to level the surface properly presents an expensive fix that’s much costlier than hiring a professional to do the job.

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