Before You Choose a Custom-Made Jewelry

Before You Choose a Custom-Made Jewelry 1
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Many can still remember the royal wedding of 2011. It was the time when Kate Middleton, clad in a pristine Alexander McQueen gown, walked down the aisle and became a member of Britain’s royal family. People remember how her diamond drop earrings matched perfectly with the Cartier Halo tiara borrowed from the queen.

The Robinson Pelham piece was a custom set of earrings given to the Duchess by her parents as a wedding present. The design, involving oak leaves and acorn, is a homage to her family’s coat of arms. When you think about it, the set is too simple and too small for a royal wedding, yet it garnered the attention of the public. The knowledge that it is the only pair of earrings which hold such design has catapulted the attention towards it even further.

Custom pieces of jewelry are designed from scratch. It’s not as simple as engraving a date on the inside of your wedding ring or having your lover’s name written on the pendant of your necklace. The work starts from the message you want to send across, then incorporating it to the jewelry’s design.

Studies show that people crave personalized experiences. Having an item tailor-made for them grounds them by giving them an illusion of being in control. The experience of choosing an item personalized for them provides a positive effect on their psyche.

Customizing trinkets is not new. For instance, custom jewelry in Salt Lake City has been in existence since 1946. Nowadays, people are going back to the art of custom jewels. In this age, when retail fashion is at its peak, and the world has a uniformed concept of beauty and trends because of the internet, having an identity through jewelry becomes the go-to solution of many.

Here are some reminders before you go to your trusted jeweler:

Expect to pay more.

Creating jewelry from scratch will cost more than the retailed ones. In addition, it will take a longer time than choosing from a collection and paying afterward. You are paying for the materials that will be ordered individually to create your dream piece. Furthermore, you are paying for the artistry and craftsmanship of the jeweler who will make it for you.

You can use the stones and gold from a piece of old jewelry.

Speaking of ordering materials, you can opt to use your family’s heirloom pieces. This is possible if you want to redesign a piece of jewelry to match today’s style or to fix the problems of said pieces that cleaning cannot do. People incorporate stones from other heirloom pieces as a way of carrying the family’s history in the present.

Think of the details.

The reason why you are customizing is to create your dream jewelry. At some point, you probably found an item that you loved, but one element on the details kept you from swiping your credit card. This is not a problem with custom jewels. You have the luxury to choose according to your taste and style—from the metal to the gemstones.

If you want a conversation starter that carries a story, perhaps it’s time to have a piece of custom jewelry made exclusively for yourself. Remember, you’re worth it.

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