Basketball Checklist : 5 Essentials For Every Basketball Player

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Have you picked up basketball recently? Many people start playing basketball for fun but gradually develop passion for it. But, if you are planning to play basketball professionally, it’s best you invest in the right gear in the very beginning.

Here are few things that we think are important for any aspiring basketball player to own. Let’s get started!

1. Apparel

A sport is best enjoyed and played to the full potential in proper clothing. Imagine wearing denim to a football match or skirt to a water sport. Sounds weird right?

Basketball too is best enjoyed in basketball uniforms specifically designed for the sport. They are loose fitted, and allow free movement to the athletes while keeping them comfortable and relaxed.

2. Shoes

The importance of wearing right footwear in any sport cannot be stressed enough. It’s important for every athlete to wear shoes best suited for that particular sport. Not every pair of shoes are best for every sport.

Similarly, basketball shoes are designed to protect the players from injuries, sprains and ankle strains. They cushion the player against the heavy impact from landing and allow them to take quick turns. Therefore, invest in shoes with a good fit, non-skid treads and good ankle support.

3. Protective Gear

Investing in protective gear can go a long way in keeping you safe and protecting you from serious injuries. Knee pads and elbow pads are great options to begin with. While knee pads protect the knees from injuries during hard falls, elbow pads protect the elbows from being hit. A basketball player, during a game, tends to use his elbows for protection.

Though, it might be more convenient to begin playing the game without these, it is really important to ensure your safety and make it far in the sport.

4. Mouth Guard

Now, this may seem a distant thing for you to own, investing in a mouth guard would really be a smart decision for any basketball player.

Basketball is a high contact sport, and the face is one area which is vulnerable to hits as it isn’t well guarded. It’s important to protect your teeth from injuries during the game. And, a mouth guard is a good way of ensuring safety of your teeth.

5. Goggles

As mentioned before, injuries are very common in basketball, and especially facial injuries. Which is why it is very important to ensure the safety of your face.

Wearing goggles while playing the game would protect your eyes and give you a sense of security and confidence of going about the game fearlessly. If you already wear glasses, you can get yourself glass guards.

Be safe and play the game to your full potential!

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