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Average Cost of Drilling a Water Well in 2020

Drilling a Water Well

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you lived close to nature? What if you had a setup where you had your essential resources and amenities? That is what many of us want and aspire to have in our lives. A clean and transparent environment, a house by the lake, and pure water to preserve and drink. If we think about it, this is usually available or imaginable in a rural setting. However, there are a few things you can still have in a present-day urban house, such as your water resource.

If you want to have the resource in abundance right in your home, you can do it. It is possible by either buying a house with a well. Alternatively, you could drill your well inside your residence and reap the benefits for years to come. And you are not alone if you dream of having a water well. As different estimates suggest, about 13 percent or 42 million Americans use wells for the household requirements.

Nonetheless, drilling a well is not as easy as it may sound. There are some key challenges and obstacles to overcome. You’ll require an analysis to know if and where you can drill. Moreover, you will need to know whether going ahead with your decision is feasible long-term. It is about the quality, i.e., water being nutrient-rich and contaminant-free. You would also need to figure out whether you want a shallow or deep well. Above all, you’ll need to come to terms with the costs.

In simpler words, costs can prove to be one of the major deterrents in finalizing your move. While it differs from one service provider to another, you’ll determine the average cost of drilling a water well of choice. And, of course, you’d need to take into account factors that may elevate the expenditure, such as the depth.

Let’s now look at the average cost of your well to make an informed decision in this regard.

Doubling Down on the Costs

The total cost of drilling a well depends on the effort needed to dig through the rock and sand. It also depends on the depth of the well, the diameter, and the soil conditions. Let say, for instance, if you have to drill 150 feet down below; your cost will be around or more than $5,000. But if you have severe conditions to make your way through, then drilling 100 feet may cost around the same amount. Depending on the requirements, the minimum cost might go down to nearly $4,000, while the maximum, approximately $15,000.

Narrowing the Costs Down

The average cost of drilling a water well also depends on what type you will choose—the kinds include residential, irrigational, sand point, geothermal, or those that require a re-drilling. But for now, let’s focus on the residential ones and their breakdown. The average expenditure for a household well is calculated per foot. Usually, it may cost somewhere from $20 to $60 per foot. These include several further smaller charges, such as the drilling, pump, wiring, treatment system, and the permit.

However, if you have a shallow well, things may be more accessible. That means that you will not come across hard rocks or bedrocks to struggle through, and the job will be convenient. In such a case, you’ll not need to go below 50 feet, while the diameter will also be shorter. But let’s bear in mind that a deep well is more effective than a shallow one in most situations.

The Pressure Tank Costs

Here, air charging pressure tanks need special mention as it plays the crucial role of refilling the air. The light air inside the tank goes to the top and forms a volume of its own. When this happens, air may mix with water, requiring constant monitoring and refill. As for the cost, it may go up to a maximum of $300, with the labor costing around $200. In total, the tank may cost $500.

Final Word

Residential water well is one of the greatest blessings if we take water scarcity or preservation seriously. Once you determine the average cost of drilling a water well, you will find its benefits soon. These are in the form of clean, healthy, and hygienic water for decades to come. However, when opting to install any well inside your residence, it is essential to consider all cost above factors. So, act wisely.

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