Are Old Chandeliers Worth Anything?

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No one can deny this fact that nothing spells glamour quite like a Chandelier. A chandelier is a multi-branch ceiling light, but today according to their widespread usage, a Chandelier can be:

“A grand ceiling fancy light fitted with multiple crystal prisms with many lights.’’

These modern illuminating decorative are the results of a long evolutionary process of this type of light. The ancient chandeliers were initially being made in wood as a cross with spikes on which to fix the candles. These were able to be lowered for illuminating than hoisted to a suitable height using a pulley. These old classic chandeliers from the 15th century were made in a variety of materials including glided wood, wrought iron, brass, and silver. With time things started to get changed and in the 18th century, the development of glassmaking opened the doors for introducing prism in manufacturing. The fantastic ability of prisms to scatter light made these elaborated chandeliers a status symbol in the 18th and 19th centuries. Modern glass star pendant light can be considered as the modified version of these historic classical chandeliers.

Today these attractive and functional antique chandeliers are quite valuable. There is no contest with your style with an antique chandelier. There is a wide variety of vintage chandeliers with styles that are simply unmatchable. Some of the famous antique chandeliers are:

  • SPUTNIK CHANDELIERS: This golden style has no expiry at all that is the perfect option for nontraditional decorators. Sputnik fixtures add some natural drama to the room and still keep it modern.
  • MURANO CHANDELIERS: These are statement chandeliers with attractive color options like pink, turquoise, and ruby. These are classic items with a twist of the naughty side while thinking nicely.
  • BRUTALIST CHANDELIERS: These are the fixtures with metal construction and jagged edges that bring so much class and elegance. The Addition of metallic hues like a brass lamp or mirrors adds a more sophisticated look.
  • ITALIAN TOLE CHANDELIERS: These chandeliers are the great things come in small packages. These are compact little beauties that turn all heads toward them. Their floral pattern of these chandeliers is suitable for small spaces also. For bigger rooms, you need to deploy a package of paired Italian tole chandeliers.

The prices of these historic fixtures are dependent on many factors. To understand the value and cost of antique chandeliers, you need to examine the following factors:

Makers mark:

Mark of the manufacturers of antique chandeliers makes assessing its values easier. Makers name van is engraved on the metal portion, a name acid-etched in the crystal, or a nameplate affixed to the piece. You can also check it on any material that came with the fixture, and it may be on paperwork or its box.

If a famous manufacturer makes the piece, it will pay more to you. People love to spend more on a beautiful chandelier created by a well-known maker.

Condition of the chandelier:

Similar to the other collectibles, an antique chandelier in original and suitable working condition gets more value. The extensively refurbished or imperfect conditioned chandelier is not that much worthy. Chips and cracks on the crystals may also lower down the price. Any piece missing or replaced with the newer material also affects the price. For metal chandelier bends, small splits, the original patina of metal, or its refinishing also counts.

Piece’s provenance:

Owner of the chandelier or its fixture hung also influence the price of a chandelier. Of course, the price of a piece hung in a government building, famous house, or in a reputed place always be too high. If a prominent personality owns the light fixture, their fame and nostalgia also increase the price of the chandelier.

Market price:

Most of the time, the value of an old vantage chandelier is based on what the market is willing to pay. By checking the previous sales of a chandelier, you can better know the expected price. Old chandeliers are usually sold in auctions by the auction houses. Antique stores and online records also help you to get an idea about the costs of old vintage chandeliers. If you want to know the absolute value, for instance, it is about insurance purposes than you can get an expert to appraise to obtain the written value of these fixtures.


If you are not in a mood to buy some expensive antique chandeliers than try some thoroughly modern looks of these fixtures with vintage vibes. Whether it is a starlight pendant chandelier or vintage square cage semi flush ceiling or a vintage drum shade chandelier in metal mesh CLAXY has a fantastic range of modern to modest and vintage chandeliers. The celestial-inspired designs are attention-grabbing that go well with bedrooms, hallways, entryway, kitchens, bars, and clubs. For outclass range of these luminous fixtures, you can visit

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