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Are Glass Doors Safe for Your Home?

Are Glass Doors Safe for Your Home? 1

Having a beautiful home is nice, but what’s even more important is having a home that keeps you safe. If you’ve been considering investing in glass doors but are concerned about the safety of them, keep reading to find out if these doors are the right fit for your home.


If you’re thinking about buying some glass bifold doors for your home, your first concern is probably how easy those doors are to break. You’ll be relieved to know that, as long as you buy well-made glass from a good brand, that won’t be much of a problem for you. As far as glass doors go, most glass is tempered to give it additional strength. This is done through chemical or heat treatment. Once glass has been tempered, it becomes considerably more resistant to impact, making it perfect for the interior doors of your home.

Keep in mind that just because this glass is tempered doesn’t mean it’s as strong as wood or stainless steel. At the end of the day, these doors are still made out of glass, so it’s always important to exercise caution with them. That being said, regular operation of the door shouldn’t present any problems.


The safety side of tempered glass bifold doors is where things really get interested. Tempered glass doors may not be as likely to break as regular glass, but what happens when they do? As a matter of fact, the results are much more controllable with tempered glass than regular glass. Unlike regular glass which generally splits into long shards, tempered glass tends to break into fairly uniform round pieces that aren’t nearly as sharp. This means that even if you do break your door, you’re a lot less likely to hurt yourself or others.

In addition to adding safety, this feature also makes it easier to clean up a tempered glass door break. These round pieces of glass are a lot more uniform and easier to sweep up, making cleanup a breeze. The best part of that is the fact that easy cleanup means you don’t have to worry about leaving small pieces of glass lying on the floor, which certainly isn’t the case when it comes to breaking a standard glass door.

Glass doors may seem like an odd concept, but they offer tons of great benefits. In addition to being some of the best-looking doors our there, glass doors are also designed to be sturdy. If you’re looking for a nice change of pace in your home, glass bifold doors are a great solution.

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