Are Air Jordans Worth Collecting?

Air Jordans

Did you know that the world record holder for most Air Jordans is just over 600 pairs? Naturally, many sneakerheads today boast of hundreds of authentic pairs.

According to Jordan retro history, Air Jordans first came into the limelight back in 1985, garnering a cult following. Many people who own a pair or two pride themselves in these shoes but is it worth collecting more pairs?

As a brand, Air Jordan has proved long-lasting and continues to inspire millions across the world. Not to mention the shoes are of excellent quality, giving them high resale potential. It explains why some people opt to collect the Air Jordans for pleasure and investment.

One way to understand the value of these shoes is through a recent auction. A pair of autographed Air Jordans that Michael Jordan wore back in 1985 valued at $150000 sold for more than $500000. That shows the value of these shoes and should inspire you to start a collection today, grasping a part of Jordan retro history.

Resale Value of Authentic Air Jordans

Ever wondered if your shoes can be part of your investment portfolio? It’s possible, and many sneakerheads boast of hundreds of pairs, giving them a slice of Jordan retro history. Since 1985, these shoes have grown in value and are now a prime asset in many investment portfolios.

The truth is more people are embracing the easy-going sneaker way of life. It’s led to Air Jordans being won for all sorts of activities, including work, thanks to the entertainment culture.

Such a drastic shift has led to a boom in the industry and more interest in Jordan retro history. Owning a few pairs of specific unique Air Jordans from over the years can make you wealthy. These have a great resale value that goes up depending on how rare the pair is at that time.

Today, the Air Jordan 1 remains the most valuable shoe and ranks at the top among those with high resale valuation. It’s such a rare piece of Jordan retro history that its resale value is above 1800% and is still wearable to date due to its impressive construction.

So as you wonder if it’s worth having an Air Jordan sneaker collection, you might want to think of the future. Owning a particular pair at the right time in the future can change your life, but it all depends on your motivation. Are you simply in love with the brand or want the shoes as an investment?

Admittedly, the shoe is pleasing to look at, and there are numerous options available, resulting in one heck of a collection. Still, it won’t hurt knowing the rare pair you own is growing in value each year, right.

But wait, there’s more. Jordan sneaker prices never stay put. They appreciate over time. It’s true for over 80% of these shoes, with a handful now selling for more than $500 more than they did last year. These shoes have immense potential and continue to attract younger sneakerheads every day.

Quick Glimpse into Jordan Retro History

The first edition of the much-coveted Air Jordan came out back in 1985 and set the world on fire. Peter C. More made the first-ever pair of Air Jordan for Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player. He wore the sneaker to the NBA, but the league banned it for having too little white.

Naturally, Nike took this as an opportunity to market the shoe, and many people gravitated to it due to the ban. Still, Michael proceeded to play with it and won Rookie of the year, propelling its success. After that, Michael collaborated with Nike to produce the Air Jordan 1, which sold out and made Nike more than $100million.

Such success inspired the creation of Air Jordan 2, which Bruce Kilgore and Peter C. Moore designed. It was a unique shoe made in Italy and won by Michael to test a new cushioning design but not as successful.

However, the Air Jordan 3 brought unprecedented brand success thanks to its mid-cut design. It quickly became a must-have statement design that many people wanted to own. As part of Jordan retro history, the Air Jordan 3 made some of the most beloved commercials for shoes in the US.

All in all, it’s grown steadily over the years in terms of design and value, much to the delight of sneakerheads everywhere. Some have a resale value of more than $2000 and are more expensive than most other sneaker brands.

If you are a well-seasoned collector or starting your collection with the hottest upcoming release, be always ready to jump at the opportunity of acquiring the next pair of Jordans in the market at the tip of your fingers with a sneakers app installed in your phone. Set up your notifications and never miss another shoe release.

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