Another 19 Corona Cases Were Reported In China

Corona Cases china
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A further 19 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in China, of which seven are from Beijing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced it will send a team to China next week after new cases surfaced, according to a foreign news agency.

It should be noted that in China, where the first case of coronavirus was reported in the world, the outbreak has been largely controlled and only a few new corona cases are reported daily, while this has not led to a significant increase in deaths for a long time. Is.

The figure of corona patients in China has reached 83,531 and the figure for deaths due to it has stopped at 4,634.

In China, 428 coronavirus patients are still in isolation in hospitals, quarantine centers, or homes, of which 7 are in critical condition and 78,469 corona patients have been cured.

On the other hand, the total of humans affected with the coronavirus worldwide has reached 1, O412,343, while the death rate has risen to 58,228.

All over the world, 4,266,450 coronavirus patients are proceeding in hospitals, quarantine points, and in isolation at houses, of which 57,782 are in serious situations and 5,67,665 have recovered.

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