20 Best Alternative Websites like Anime44


List of Anime44 Alternatives:


Animeplus tv is one of the best anime websites and anime44 alternatives. It has almost all the features like anime44. You can download and watch free anime movies and shows online. AnimePlus.tv is one of the best platforms to find anime related-stuff to stream online. The site has a very simple interface with amazing features.

Animeplus got a high review of 100 percent. The site has a huge collection of anime series, TV shows, and much more. Its rating indicates that the site is safe. However, we are not sure that the site is a scam. Some sites look legit but they can be fake. Animeplus is deemed to be popular by Alexa. The website has a fantastic online trust rating.


It is an excellent anime44 alternative and the best anime site. It offers you a lot of movies, videos, and shows. It is suitable for all ages. All the anime series on the website are dubbed and subbed in English. That’s the reason the site is very popular among foreigners.

One thing in it is not good or useful and that is its Dashboard. The interface is cluttered with ads which could be frustrating while streaming. Chia anime has approximately 7 million viewers around the world. The most popular language is English. Overall, the site is worth visiting.


AnimeTV is one of the best free anime websites like anime44. It has a huge database of anime movies, shows, and videos. You can find all dubbed anime series here in English. It has a search tab on its pages.

Its interface is simple but the sidebars are covered with ads. There are some popup ads as well and they irritate while streaming. It offers to sign up with Twitter and Facebook as well. Up to 7 million visitors visit the website in a month.


The site is a new one in the free anime streaming world. It offers many new and popular anime series. It has a section where the users are notified which anime series or shows are most watched on the website. Its interface is very good.

There are no display ads on the homepage but while streaming some pop-up ads will irritate you. It is one of the good anime streaming websites. It has almost 150K users per month.


AnimeFrenzy.net is another similar site to anime44. It offers a wide range of anime series. Its database is updated on a regular basis. It has American cartoons in its library as well. The content is well organized for fast sorting and the homepage is free from unnecessary content. It features a “random” tab that provides a random suggestion for those who don’t know what to watch.

It also features an android app that is downloadable from the play store so when you need to watch anime, it is within reach. It features diverse content that makes it a hit among anime lovers. The viewers watching the same series can communicate with each other while watching by using the chatroom. The chatroom is visible on the right side of the video which is being played.


Another site like anime44 is 9Anime where you can enjoy your favorite anime series in full HD and in the English language. The site is free to access and contains a massive catalog of anime movies and series. There is a list of dubbed and subbed anime content and it allows you to check the list from the main site.

With the trending tab, you can watch some latest and most popular videos. If you want to watch an old anime, you can sort the list by a quick filter. You can choose with genre and date as well. Below the website, there is a schedule of new releases to keep you updated.


Crunchyroll.com is the most popular and biggest website. The website provides English dubbed content for non-native speakers to understand the story. Its video quality is 720p for a fantastic viewing experience. The site is not completely free. The site was launched in 2006. The site contains millions of users and most of them are paying users. It is the best free anime streaming site.

The site has 26 thousand anime movies while 15 thousand licensed content. You need to register an account with an active email. The site can also be accessed to Chromecast, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, Roku-box, Apple devices, PlayStation Vita, Android phones, and Windows.

Anime Planet

AnimePlanet is a heaven for all anime lovers. It was founded in 2001 and earned a good reputation. The site offers Manga, Anime, Reviews, and Charts of the series. The most interesting thing of this website is that it was developed by some fans and was dedicated to other anime lovers out there.

It is not an ordinary site but it is a community where you can share your experience and make friends. You need to register an account before using it. As a result, you can follow people who have the same interest. It is one of the best sites to watch anime.


Anime freak is one of the best anime44 alternatives and became one of the most-streamed websites online. You can access the site without any registration. The users can sort the list by categories which makes it easy to find your desired stuff. Animefreaktv has complete episodes of your favorite stuff. It means you will be posted in all the episodes and you can’t even miss one episode. With one click on the picture title of the anime, you can watch a preview of the show, episode list, and ratings. The website speed is reasonably fine. Anime freak tv is recommended to watch anime online through this website. It has up to 11,000 anime series and 12 million traffic every month. You may appreciate animefreak.com as an alternative to anime44.


Kissanime is a very popular anime streaming site and offers different videos in HD quality. It offers a catalog of anime series in different genres. The website is very organized. People love kissanime.ru because it offers a better user experience and a user-friendly interface.

You don’t need any registration to watch your desired stuff but it is better to sign up because after that you can arrange a list of your favorite videos to share with your friends. The users can comment on different videos. You can request an anime that the site does not contain. Kissanime.io is a haven for all anime lovers for free streaming anime content.


Watchanime is the best anime streaming site and one of the best similar sites to anime44. You can watch anime movies online through this website. It has a very simple interface and it offers quality content. It carries a sorted interface. It does not have fuss and lags on the website. The content it carries is in different categories like full series list, ongoing series, high-rated series, and genres.

You can enjoy your favorite series without interruption. There are no unwanted advertisements on the website. Watchanimes has millions of its users all over the world. It is one of the good anime sites and you can access it anywhere, anytime around the world.


One more site like anime44 is AnimeHeaven. It is one of the top anime sites. It is not a new website, rather it has been around for 10 years. It offers a wide range of anime series for anime lovers. Its homepage is very simple and shows the latest episodes of the new series. If you want to enjoy anime-free streaming then Anime Heaven is the best option.

It also has cartoons in its library, modern and classic series. No doubt it as a heaven for anime lovers. It offers a list of scheduled anime updates. That’s the reason you will not miss the next episode update. The popup ads are the single drawback of the website. However, Animehaven is still one of the best alternatives to anime44.


You should not miss Gogoanime in the list of anime44 alternatives. It has a huge database that offers all types of anime from classic to latest and most popular. The anime list is arranged alphabetically so that you can easily find your favorite stuff. On the homepage of the site, you can see the tabs through which you can choose what to watch.

Gogoanime.io is a good alternative to anime44 due to its versatility. Each movie you watch on this website contains several servers. If your chosen link doesn’t work then you have many options. Its most reliable server is “Open Load”. Its loading speed is very fast and it is easier to download.


Anilinkz provides a huge library of anime series, and it is one of the best alternatives to anime44. It is the most popular site that offers a wide range of free! anime. It has a large database and a clean and simple interface. It does not require any registration. There are two options to find your favorite series such as explore categories and search bar.

In the search bar, you need to type the name of your desired content and can enjoy the fastest streaming. It regularly updates with new stuff. There is a separate list where you can check the ongoing and newly added series. There is a community of anime lovers to interact with each other. The only drawback of the website is the advertisement that irritates the users.


Another alternative to Anime44 is Nyaa.si, It is the most popular website among anime lovers. The site has been around for two decades but has never shut down. It is the most popular and fastest website to update its library. It also has a community of anime lovers to communicate with each other.

It is a great place to meet new friends and discover new anime. It has multiple sections on its homepage where you can find the latest episodes, the latest added anime, and popular shows. It has up to 3 million monthly traffic. It is more popular in the UK, US, and Brazil.


AnimePahe is one of the best anime44 alternatives websites because it offers a variety of anime movies. There are many categories in its header section like a cartoon, dubbed, and subbed.

Its interface is quite good and the user experience is excellent. There appear some display ads while streaming. When you click to play video some pop-up ads will be there as well. It has almost 40 million users in a month.

Anime Karma

Anime Karma is an interactive site like anime44. The website has a massive catalog of anime videos. You can watch a variety of anime shows online in HD quality. On the homepage, you will see the list of titles. You can sort the list by year released, genre, and quality.

This site, unlike other websites mentioned above, uses only one server. There are also pop-up ads on the home page as well. Despite all these drawbacks, it is still one of the best alternatives to anime44.


MasterAnime is also an extraordinary website like anime44 to watch anime online free. The site requires the latest version of flash player. Master ani.me has quite a good interface and the home page of the site is ad-free. All the things are categorized in different sections so that users can operate them efficiently. You can get all your favorite anime series and shows. That’s the reason masteranime is one of the best alternatives to anime44.

Anime Rush

One can consider Anime Rush as a newcomer among anime44 alternatives. The site offers lag-less streaming with high-quality video and audio. It has only one drawback on every click there appears an ad on a different tab. It has 40 thousand episodes in its library and it is updated every hour with the latest episodes. You can download videos on any device. You can even download it on mobile as well which makes it easy to bring your favorite anime videos with you anywhere.


Aniwatcher is also one of the top free anime sites. It is also one of the best alternatives to anime44 and offers you a huge library of your favorite anime content. It is one of the best free anime sites. There are frequent updates on its homepage with latest dubbed and subbed anime movies. It is a community-based anime streaming website.

The users can comment there and request for any anime stuff which is not uploaded there yet. It has a unique feature, called light/dark means you can select between the brightness whether you need low brightness or high. More than 15 million visitors monthly visit this website.


Anime44 is the best anime streaming website but it has decided to go down. We have arranged 20 best anime44 alternatives for all the anime lovers so that they wouldn’t miss their favorite anime episodes. All of these are free anime streaming sites. All the websites have pros and cons, some websites have good content but there are too many ads, while some websites have less content but there are no ads to irritate you. Some websites offer a premium level for you to enjoy more features. So, check them out and find one that meets your needs. You will surely find this list helpful for anime44 alternatives.

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