An Associate of Alacrity: 7 TAG Heuer Watches Inspired By Racing Fundamentals

Heuer Watches

The brand’s attention was on chronology. The Water-resistance of wrist chronographs was a significant area for development. This was significantly improved from 1939 onwards by gradually replacing bar pushers with round buttons, which were simpler to fit with rubber seals.

Jack Heuer, the company’s managing director at the time, had promoted collaboration with Buren, Dubois Depraz, and Breitling to achieve the landmark of creating the world’s first automated chronograph action.

TAG Heuer

The household’s increasing popularity in the 1920s was primarily due to its links to the worlds of sport and motor racing cars. TAG Heuer expanded the use of the famous shield emblem to the dials of their timepieces in these years, fully realizing the value of the “name,” which was previously marketed without any manufacturer sign.

The so-called Great Depression that followed the 1929 stock market crash made the 1930s more difficult. Despite a negative effect on exports, production continued, albeit not at the same pace as in the 1920s.

Heuer developed the AUTAVIA, a popular dash counter for racing cars, boats, and planes, in 1933. The notorious label, which is a combination of the words AUTomobile and AVIAtion, was later used for a standard wrist chronograph introduced in the 1960s.

Carrera with Day and Date

When the Carrera’s sporty stylings are removed, it becomes a beautiful and elegant dress watch. This model, which shows the date and the day with a clean, uncluttered design, is also more rigid than it seems. It can also hold power in backup for over thirty eight hours and 100-meter water resistance.

Formula 1 Limited Edition Ashton Martin

The Formula 1 piece is a racing-inspired chronograph with neon green accents on the other side, arrows, and the stitching thread of the bands. A logo that exudes the same energy as something branded for a car is also present on the front, and the back of the watch dial, created in collaboration with Aston Martin who is the title sponsor with Tag Heuer as the timekeeper of Red Bull Racing F1 team.

Connected 2020 Edition

Since other manufacturers have been reluctant or hesitant to get on board with the smartwatch craze, Tag Heuer was there from the beginning. The new iteration of its two in one watch is certainly remarkable, combining a touch sensitive screen and buttons to give access to sensors like the speedometer, the heart rate monitor and much more.

Simultaneously, the Tag app, which has been completely redesigned, provides performance details connected with  other major health services from Google and Apple.

The different faces are attractive, but what’s essential is that this smartwatch appears to be a Tag Heuer.

Carrera GMT Chronograph

This Carrera has a GMT feature as well as a blue and black border, allowing you to tell the time of the day in the time zone of your home immediately. The visible moving parts can irritate Carrera purists, but the overall design is so well-balanced that it should be considered independently.

Monaco Special Edition Gulf

The square watch’s deathless appeal stems in part from its connection with Steve McQueen, who had one of these on his wrist  in Le Mans, a 1970 movie. The navy styled front which has blue and orange stripes was a nod to the winning Ford GT40’s livery and was published in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Le Man’s endurance event.

Tag Heuer x Aston Martin

This one isn’t for the faint of heart. This model, which measures 45mm in diameter, features a brown dial with rose-gold accents. The car inspired stylings are visible with the logos at both the top and bottom of the dial. This is combined with brown leather straps which were produced in collaboration with Aston Martin.

According to Tag Heuer, the case is made from a mixture of titanium and carbon, allowing this watch to be as strong as a car’s exterior. You’ll need a lot of cash, and you’ll have to act quickly because only 150 copies have been made.

Connected Golf Edition

The following entry is a Connected Golf Edition, a limited version of Tag’s premium smartwatch with several exclusive features designed to cater to serious golfers. When paired with a tablet, this watch allows you to monitor your progress in courses all over the world.

On the vivid, bold screen, a top down map appears, with lines indicating distance between sections of the course. Even with gloves on, the touch sensitive screen is entirely scrollable. The style is very reminiscent of the sports look with its accents and design choices.


TAG Heuer is known for its casual sports watches with racing DNA and its relentless desire to reinvent and refresh its watch designs. The endless drive to bridge the gap between elegance and functionality is intricately expressed with every piece of art in the company’s collection.

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