Almost Half of UK Men Are Interested in Cosmetic Surgery – For Themselves!

Cosmetic Surgery for men

Currently the three most popular cosmetic surgery treatments for men, in the UK, are rhinoplasty, gynaecomastia (male breast reduction) and liposuction, however some research done by Transform hospital group had shown that 47% of men are interested in some form of cosmetic surgery.

This procedure data shows the top five cosmetic procedures Transform performed on beauty box for men over the past two years are:

Procedure Percentage of all male procedures done by Transform
Rhinoplasty (nose Job) 18%
Gynaecomastia (male breast reduction) 11%
Liposuction (body fat removal) 9%
Mole/Blemish/Cyst Removal 7%
Otoplasty (ear surgery) 5%

Google Search Trends data also showed increased interest in cosmetic procedures for men, with monthly searches for “male rhinoplasty” up 182% from July 2018 to July 2020. Gynaecomastia searches have seen a 88% increase, and hair transplant searches seeing a 84% increase.

What could be the cause of this massive increase? Is it because more people are working from home and spending time looking at themselves on their laptops, the “zoom boom” as it has come to be known as.

Although 53% of men claimed that they were not interested in getting cosmetic surgery, for the remaining 47% who have/intend to, it was their hair/hairline (8%), followed by their nose (7%), and their stomach (5.9%) that they would be most keen to change.

What area of your body would be most interested in changing with cosmetic surgery? Percentage
Hairline 8%
Nose 7%
Stomach 6%
Eyes 4%
Mole/Blemish/cyst removal 4%
Weight Loss surgery 4%
Neck 3%
Face 3%
Legs 2%
Chest reduction 2%
Jaw 2%
Arms 1%
Cheeks 1%
Ears 1%
Lips 1%

Jon, 53, from Solihull in the West Midlands, had abdominoplasty and a chest reduction. He said:

“I first considered having treatment in 2013 after losing 25 kilos of body weight, but I wasn’t achieving the body shape that I’d hoped for, despite following a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. I researched cosmetic surgery on the Internet and found Transform.

“If anybody is in my position where they’ve put the hard work in, and lost the weight that they wanted to lose but can’t achieve the body shape that they want, I would advise them to go and see an expert and see what they can do. The results for me have been amazing.

“The biggest difference since having the operation is that it’s given me more self-esteem and more confidence. Instead of being the person who stands at the back of a photograph, you now want to stand at the front and show off what you’ve achieved over the four years it’s taken me to reach where I am today.”

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